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The health of your employees has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Sprout inspires and motivates your employees to change behaviour and reach their goals.

With Sprout you can maximize your ROI

Drive participation and engagement.

You can’t get results if employees don’t participate. We make wellness fun and get everyone involved – because they want to, not because they have to.

Help your HR team.

The HR team has plenty on their plate. Sprout makes managing wellness a snap, saving HR precious time and allowing them to focus on what matters. People.

Boost employee wellbeing.

Wellness starts in the workplace and employers are expected to get off the sidelines. Sprout empowers employees to lead healthier lives both at work and at home.

Boost employee performance. 

It’s simple. Employees who are healthier perform better. Sprout improves employee health and wellness and in turn, gets the most out of your people.

Improve company performance.

Sprout was built from the ground up to drive ROI. Whether it gets employees to drive more revenue, reduces sick days, or makes recruitment easier, the impact of Sprout is felt on the top and bottom line.

Reduce employee costs.

Better overall health means less sick days, lower employee turnover, and fewer expensive health claims. And having employees that actually enjoy coming into work doesn’t hurt when recruiting either.