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Four wellness challenges to get your employees moving and your bottom line booming.

Wellness at work is not just a fad – it’s a staple. The obesity pandemic continues to raise cause for concern,  especially as studies increasingly underline the direct link between obesity and employee productivity. For example, did you know that employees who are dealing with obesity issues cost an employer $4,000 more per year in health care and related costs? HR – we need an intervention!

One way to help curb these costs and inspire healthy choices is by prioritizing wellness programs. Here are four health challenges that you can implement today at work to encourage physical activity and mental wellness at your company.


Obesity: 3 Infographics That Should Concern Every HR Department

Unhealthiness. The ‘O’ word. An increasingly alarming pandemic.

No matter how you define obesity, the issue is real and its impacts are dire. Recent studies show that obesity rates in America continue to climb each year, reaching 27.7% last year, up from 27.1% the year prior. Its effects? A direct link to well-being: Americans who are obese have the lowest level of well-being across all weight groups, falling between 50.9% and 57.5% WBI.

What does this have to do with business? Everything. Who does it involve at your company? Everyone.


Sprout Your Success: The Benefits Of Trying Something New

Track it and get it done

Dip your toe in.  You are thinking about it.  You like the idea, and you are almost committed.  Is it time to take the plunge?

Better health, increased energy, improved relationships  – what’s not to love?  However, even the best changes can feel overwhelming.  New is exhilarating, but it can also be a bit scary.  Whether we are planning for ourselves, or strategizing for a group, the same doubts can creep up.  Do I have the time, expertise and resources?   (more…)

Sprout Summer – Ushering in a Season of Wellness

Healthy empl

Sprout’s Top 5 – we’re celebrating that summer will soon be here for 92 days (not that we’re counting…really…)

1.  Play it out 

Embrace the outdoors!  Enjoy the longer daylight hours and balmier temperatures.

2.  Honour the season

We’ve tossed the toques and packed-in the parkas and rediscovered our bodies.  Ones that can run and jump and stretch, and now that we are becoming reacquainted, we will strive to appreciate and nourish them well. (more…)

Rewrite Summer Slow-Down: Engage Employees to Harness the Season


With those first sun-kissed days, summer beckons, tempting with endless possibilities.  Is it any wonder the work-life balance begins tipping in favour of after-work hours?  What then, if instead of pulling you away from your desk, summer-life started coming to the office?  Rewrite summer slowdown by actively engaging employees to harness the season.  Is this the month to start commuting by bike, take daily outdoor power walks to rejuvenate and spark creativity, or to begin preparing fresh and healthy lunches for work?  Commit yourself and your employees to summer, and beyond, by setting and tracking goals.


Sprout’s Martha Switzer co-authors article with TELUS, reviewing the merits of technology and social platforms to support lifestyle wellness and enable disease prevention.

Three questions we should be asking about workplace wellness

April 24, 2015

Martha Switzer
Co-Founder and Vice President Marketing,
Dr. Elaine Chin
Chief Wellness Officer,
TELUS Health



The value of wellness – adopting lifestyle choices that promote regular exercise and good nutrition and tackle unhealthy ones, such as smoking – is generally understood. No one will argue that workplace wellness programs are a bad idea or challenge that creating a workplace culture of wellness is beneficial for employees, their employers and, by extension, the Canadian healthcare system. After all, every hour in Canada, there will be 20 new diabetic patients, three people will die from a heart attack or stroke, and cancer is now on the risei . (more…)

Sprout and TELUS partner

Sprout’s commitment to helping employees lead healthier lives continues to grow!

Sprout Web and Mobile Applications

We are thrilled to announce Sprout’s latest round of funding, and want to share what this exciting news means for corporate wellness. (more…)

Sleep On It! – How Sleep Impacts Employee Productivity










One of my favourite features on my Fitbit is that it enables me to track my sleep. Though sometimes a daunting figure to check, every morning I look at how well I slept the night before and, not surprisingly, the less I slept the less productive I end up being that day. Sleep is a hugely important factor of overall well-being. Think about it for a moment, if you’re tired are you as likely to hit the gym or make a healthy homemade meal? Personally, if my Fitbit registers anything under 6 hours of sleep, I know I’ll be seeing more of Raul, my pizza delivery boy, that day than my sneakers, Hal and JoAnne (yes, I named my sneakers after the Body Break duo). (more…)

Employee Wellness & its Effect on Productivity

Do You Know How Wellness is Affecting the Productivity of Your Employees?

In order to be fully productive at work you must first be well and, just as you cannot come to work sick and expect to be productive, you also cannot be productive in a workplace that is making you sick.  This is the crux of too many workplaces today: your employees aren’t healthy so they’re not as productive as they could be and this problem – known as presenteeism – could be significantly affecting your bottom line. (more…)

Nourishing Your Employees: Does Their Health and Wellness Matter to You?

Are Your Employees Well-Nourished and Does it Matter to You?

We all know that on a personal level diet, exercise and low-stress levels have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. When it comes to the health of an organization, a lot of attention has been paid to encouraging employees to be more active and manage stress levels. Promoting nutrition to your employees is just as important and March being Nutrition month is the ideal time to jump in and take this on. (more…)

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