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What Do Your Employees Want?




What’s most important to your employees?

Why is it crucial you know the answer?

Employee dissatisfaction and turnover are costly.  Training and on-boarding expenses, coupled with depleted moral and diminished engagement, threaten a company’s work culture and erode its bottom line.  When you lose an employee you lose their knowledge and expertise, remaining staff risk becoming over burdened and burning out, and servicing your clients can be jeopardized.

How then, do you keep your workforce motivated and energized?


Get Sold on Sleep: News to Take Lying Down



We love the start of November!  Setting the clocks back each fall is a gift of time.  How did you spend your extra hour? Out with friends, Netflix, getting caught up on work?  We hope you said sleeping, because chances are, you aren’t getting enough of it.  Sleep is an important foundation for our physical and mental health, and it’s free!, so why aren’t we trying harder to get more?

It’s time to get sold on sleep.


Give it Up to Gain




Giving something up can be a challenge.  Even when we know they are detrimental to our health, bad habits are tough to break.  Not only are they ingrained in our regular routine, they also trigger the reward centre in our brain.  There’s a reason we reach for the extra cookie even when we “know better”!  Making improvements to our nutrition, sleep and exercise forces us to change those deep-seated habits, and this can feel doubly difficult when we slip into the deprivation mindset.  If being healthy is reduced to a list of all the things we must give up, is it any wonder we simply – give up?  


It’s time to sweat the small stuff




Some days does it seem that everyone you know is running a marathon, committed to clean eating, and has initiated a daily meditation practice?  Does it make you feel inspired, or just tired?

We are constantly bombarded with images and messaging promoting the ways we should be changing ourselves, and while it is great to be proactive about improving our health, wellness shouldn’t be about making us feel worse about how we are doing right now.  

Big, life-changing goals are helpful when they motivate us to take all the steps necessary to achieve them, but they can also seem so out of reach, and so drastically different from our daily life that we can become discouraged, losing our dedication and self-belief.  If you are someone who can commit and train from couch to marathon, fantastic and have a great run!  However, if an all-or nothing, “go big or go home” mentality isn’t working for you, we have a solution: it’s time to sweat the small stuff!


Forget the Fear and Find the Fun


We need a fix, and it needs to be sustainable.  Yet, even armed with the latest stats many of us are not making the lifestyle changes necessary for better health.  Instead of strapping on our running shoes, why are we pulling the covers over our heads?

Clearly the fear factor is failing, and behaviour economics is helping us to understand why.   Our   “affective response”  is how we emotionally respond to an experience, and it turns out scary stats are less motivating than remembering an experience pleasurably.  When applied to exercise the initial research suggests that two factors play a part in determining whether or not we will continue working out in the future.  The first is, how do we feel when exercising?  If the experience was more pleasure inducing than pain, chances are higher we will make it a repeat experience.  Although we have (thankfully!) moved beyond the “no pain no gain” mantra, exercise isn’t pleasurable all the time.  What than keeps us motivated to go back for more?  It turns out that how we remember the experience is crucial.  In other words, our memories of an event help determine our future actions.  Clearly we need to put the fun into fitness to help us get the hard work done.


Stressed OUT? Here’s how to find your IN.



We all need a little stress.  It’s a motivator to get started, pushing us to consider new ideas and explore possibilities. Importantly, stress can boost performance, helping us to achieve our goals.  However, stress only fully works to our advantage when we already have the mental resilience and physical well-being to use it as a catalyst for positive change.  

Are you using stress to help you tune-in, or are you just stressed-out?

Unfortunately, for many people stress is eroding their health and capability.  Canadians now list work as the largest contributor to their stress, with almost 60% feeling “on-edge”.

Stressed workers said they were less engaged at work, and that they put in less effort, hurting their productivity. They also called in sick more often, or went to work feeling ill.”

Employees are suffering, and employers are feeling their pain.

Work is therefore an ideal place to address the impact of negative stress.  Advocating for health and wellness at the office gives employees the foundation for managing the stressors in their lives, and gives employers a workforce ready to thrive. Here are three crucial areas the workplace can focus on in order to help get the stress out.


Championing Wellness at the office: how to get off to a healthy start

health employees


Healthy employees who are engaged, energetic and focussed:  sounds perfect!  The question is, how to help your workforce get there?   We know good health takes a great team, but a great team needs a leader.   If you are ready to champion wellness at the office, we are here to get you off to a healthy start.


Good Health Takes a Great Team




Do you ever feel you are living the life of a circus performer, juggling everything and wondering when you will drop the ball and all will come crashing down around you?  With careers, families and responsibilities, not to mention shadow work creeping into our daily lives, it is no wonder we are stressed, tired, and overwhelmed.  How then do we make time for our health?

Happily, we don’t need to go it alone.  Good health takes a great team, and here are reasons why we think it’s better together.

We spend a large part of our day at work, and unfortunately, we risk slipping into unhealthy habits there.  Excessive sitting, poor food choices and a propensity to spend lunch in front of a computer screen rather than with colleagues are common facts of working life.  However, how do we find the time for change when we already feel overextended?  More companies are investing in wellness programs to help employees gain traction for improving their health and the quality of their workplace lifestyle.  While we can all make personal choices for healthy change, when those goals are part of a team effort we suddenly gain four important cornerstones for success.  


It’s Time to Redefine the Finish Line




You trained, visualized the course, prepared your body and mind, and anticipated the euphoric moment of crossing the finish line.

The race is over.

Now what?  


Whether you are training for a race, committing to healthy eating, or deciding to improve your sleep habits, goal setting is important.  Not only do we know what we need to do, and for how long, goals provide motivation by reminding us why we have made a commitment.  But what happens after our goal has been met?  Or what if we never reach the finish line?

Below are three scenarios.  If one of them sounds familiar you could be at risk of losing motivation, not meeting your objectives, feeling frustrated and slipping back into unhealthy habits.  How then to stay inspired and engaged with the goals you set?  We think it’s time to redefine the finish line!


Make this September a New Year – 6 ways to reset your wellness this fall.




Are you ready for a reset mindset?

The kids are back at school – meeting teachers, exploring ideas, developing their learning, and enjoying new experiences.  Take a page out of their notebooks and discover how beginning fresh in September is the perfect kick-start for a great year.

Resetting your mindset allows you to create goals that reflect your current reality and provides a roadmap for where you want to go.  Harness the energy of the changing season and the “back-to-school” outlook in order to tailor your own wellness agenda.  To help you get “top marks’ we’ve put together a plan:  6 Ways to Reset for your best year ever.


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