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Despite overwhelming evidence and information available regarding what we can do to reduce both risk factors and the incidence of heart disease, statistics across the board remain high.  For example:

The good news is that lifestyle is the best defense against heart disease.  It’s the way we eat, how much alcohol we consume, how much we exercise, how we deal with stress and the effects of environmental toxins that are the primary, underlying causes of heart disease. (more…)

Excerpt from an article on Benefits Canada

“How do you drive engagement, making people feel like where they are is the right place for their future?” asked Scot Marcotte, managing director, talent and HR solutions, with Buck Consultants.

He noted that there are three areas in which employers can help to engage employees—career, health and wealth—through the use of technology. By helping employees with one or all of these issues, employers can reduce absenteeism, combat presenteeism (employees coming to work while sick and/or disengaged) and create a more effective workforce, Marcotte said.

Engaging talent is a science, he explained. And employers can consider various tactics from this discipline. They can look at persuasive technologies, for example, behavioural economics (i.e., what motivates people to make a change); predictive analytics (the way people behave in aggregate); ethnography (behaviour); and social media/gamification (using the wow or fun factor).

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