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Great businesses are built by the people who work there. Ensuring you attract, and keep, your top talent needs to be top of mind. Sprout’s leading edge technology gamifies the wellness experience, keeping your employees engaged while delivering the benefits your workforce is looking for.


Culture Matters

At any time, 50% of employees are looking for their next job.  Keep your top performers by investing in what matters most to them.  Sprout’s social streams, groups and team challenges foster communities that help make workplaces thrives.

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A Holistic Approach

What do 75% of employers have in common?  You guessed it, some form of wellness programming.  Make certain yours stands out from the rest. Sprout’s integrated solution provides a holistic approach to wellbeing available whenever, wherever you go.

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Your Behaviour Change Experts

Healthy habits are not just a one time deal.  At Sprout, we are in for the long term because we know behavioural change takes time.  Kick the quick fix in favour of sustained transformation with ongoing monthly programming.

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We have noticed a renewed interest in physical and mental wellness amongst our employees. Many employees have taken to Sprout to take charge of their wellbeing and posts to the Sprout stream motivates others to do the same. Port Blakely is delighted with what Sprout has helped us obtain – employee engagement, employee accountability, and a new focus on health and overall wellbeing.

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