Optimize your employee benefits & EAP awareness

Promote and communicate all your workplace wellbeing initiatives with Sprout's centralized easy to use digital platform.

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Make the most of your employee benefits programs.

You have taken the important step of investing in benefits for your employees. Does your workforce know what’s available?


Your hub for wellbeing

Benefits and Employee Asisstance Programs (EAP) are designed to help your employees improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  Keep your wellness initiatives in the forefront of employees' minds with Sprout’s centralized wellness hub.

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Make wellness easy

Healthy doesn’t work 9-5.  Sprout syncs with your current EAP provider, connecting employees with wellness support.  Confidential, personable and available when you are.

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Remove the barriers to employee wellbeing

Sprout brings your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to you, no needles required.  Sprout’s wellbeing survey is faster, smarter, better, and enjoys higher compliance rates.  Set recommended goals based on your results, and watch your HRA scores change as you do. 

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At Ultimate Software we take great pride in our people and their accomplishments, so when it came time to implement a wellness program, we needed a solution that would work with our goals and vision and be unique to us. Sprout delivered where others failed with their ability to integrate with our existing products & services. With this integrated user experience, we noticed an immediate improvement in engagement from day one, and we continue to see the benefits of happy and healthy employees.

Discover how Sprout's wellbeing solution is connecting employees with the health services they need.

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