Reduce Your Health Cost Spend

Mitigate rising health-related costs.

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Healthy employees help boost the health of your bottom line.

Sedentary behaviour, lifestyle driven chronic disease and mounting stress cost employers millions of dollars in decreased productivity, workdays lost and rising healthcare costs. How much are you spending each year?


Stop Preventable Diseases

80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented or better managed through improved lifestyle choices.  Do your employees have the tools to ensure a healthier tomorrow? Learn how Sprout takes you from knowledge to action.

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How Healthy Is Your Bottom Line?

An unhealthy worker costs their employer an estimated 2X that of an employee who enjoys good health.  Keep your wellness programming accessible and available to reach everyone in your organization.

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Solve For What Needs To Be Changed.

Insights into the health objectives and concerns of your workforce, combined with real-time data analytics, allows you to plan for today and tomorrow.  Discover how Sprout’s HRA is faster, better, smarter.

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Sprout is uniquely positioned to support employees to be actively engaged in the improvement of their own health, while directly contributing to employers' efforts to control health-related costs.

Discover how Sprout's wellbeing solution is helping employees get healthy and stay energized.

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