August 4, 2020

Sprout Acquires Health Analytics Company Vivametrica, Expanding Its Data-Based Wellness Solutions

, Aug. 4, 2020 /CNW/ - Sprout, a leading global enablement solution for workplace wellbeing, is pleased to announce its acquisition of predictive health data analytics company, Vivametrica. With this acquisition Sprout will add further health data analytics and capabilities to its wellness platform, giving Sprout the ability to deliver substantial additional value to both corporate clients and group and individual life insurance sectors. In partnership with Vivametrica, Sprout's Health Risk Assessment solution has provided clients with a digital solution that is statistically superior to traditional risk assessment methods in predicting disease risk and boasts a 5x higher completion rate.

Vivametrica, a health analytics company, measures and predicts health risk, outcomes and longevity using data from personal sensors and wearables. Individuals and organizations are able to understand their future health risks and effect positive preventative change to reach better health outcomes. Founded by clinicians and researchers from Stanford University, the University of Calgary and Mt. Royal University, Vivametrica brings more than 25 years of population health and clinical research experience to the wellbeing and insurance industries. Vivametrica's methodology has been closely reviewed and validated by three of the world's largest reinsurance and insurance companies, bringing an unparalleled level of confidence to the quality of the analysis.

"Sprout is a data-driven platform and the functionality brought by Vivametrica enables our health and wellness engagement platform to be more responsive, personalized and valuable to the end user and employer," said Sprout CEO Neeraj Sharma. "Combining Vivametrica's core analytics expertise with Sprout's engagement platform yields better insights into users' overall health, and drives measurable ROI by identifying and positively affecting health change."

"We are thrilled to be a fundamental part of Sprout's wellness solutions, making it easier for the user to understand their current and future health status," said Vivametrica founder Dr. Rick Hu. "Rather than a "one size fits all" measurement, we've taken a complex analysis of thousands of data points to create actionable individual health insights. In turn, better health data and user engagement unlocks new and valuable opportunities for employers and insurers."

Sprout clients will benefit from Vivametrica's data assets including extensive global population datasets, world class data management and privacy controls, and Vivametrica's global traction in the insurance industry. Sprout's acquisition of Vivametrica enhances its commitment to deliver personalized, scalable wellbeing solutions based on measurable, predictive risk for employers, insurance companies and new partnerships.

Sprout is the leading global enablement solution for workplace wellbeing. Our flexible and holistic strategy empowers organizations to embrace wellbeing by identifying and rewarding healthy behaviors. Sprout's centralized approach, tailored platform, and ongoing support allows us to best meet the needs of our clients and users.

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