What is Gamification in HR

Gamification is the use of game-play behaviours to learn, engage and connect. In an online setting, gamification is an excellent tool for HR as it motivates users to participate in an activity, while allowing them to reach employees across departments and geographical regions.

Why Gamification works

Gamification works because it harnesses the power of play. Employees receive recognition for their participation and are able to earn rewards, all while being inspired by a little friendly competition. It offers a social environment that is fun and motivating, resulting in on-going engagement and lasting behavioural change.

Gamification statistics

40% of the top 1000 global companies, as ranked by market value, have already adopted gamification into their business strategies. Gamification works by producing intrinsic motivation and coupling it with rewards, creating a culture of engaged employees - and companies with engaged workers are up to 43% more productive.

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