Augmented Health & Life Insurance

Utilize new wearable data in underwriting and create an engaging healthy experience

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Collect, Analyze & Engage With Your Policyholder

Sprout’s wellbeing platform coupled with our health risk engine enables insurance providers with the tools needed to collect and analyze policyholders' health data while engaging them in healthy behaviors. Action this data to generate real-time health risk scores, evaluate your book of business, drive product innovation, and improve your members' overall health and wellbeing.


Drive Engagement

Bring wellness directly to your plan members and make a lasting positive change. 

  • ✓ Build a long term relationship with your customers to better understand their health needs 
  • ✓ Engage them in healthy behaviors for better overall wellbeing 
  • ✓ Build customer loyalty by providing them with an amazing user experience 
  • ✓ Utilize health insights to provide your members' motivation to meet their health goals
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Data Gathering

Gain access to aggregate reporting that will provide a comprehensive overview of your members' health and wellness, allowing you to design more effective wellness programs.

  • ✓ Simplified user experience
  • ✓ Reduces the number of life insurance application questions  
  • ✓ Eliminates the majority of intrusive medical exams
  • ✓ Integration with over 300+ wearables and smartphones
  • ✓ Access to historical individual’s wearable information
  • ✓ Standardized ontology (Steps are consistent across devices)
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Access new data collected from wearable devices and HRAs, accessed in real-time, for faster and more accurate underwriting. Couple this data with behavioral science techniques to guide and reward members that practice wellbeing and work to manage their health issues effectively.

  • ✓ Actuarially-validated table ratings to provide risk stratification and revenue analysis on your current customers
  • ✓ Triage cases to limit sedentary applicants from qualifying for the best risk classes, mitigating mortality risk
  • ✓ Use physical activity as additional underwriting criteria
  • ✓ Measure the health impact of your program for your customers.
  • ✓ Determine risk of book of business
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