Office Productivity Statistics

There are many variables that can impact the productivity at your office. Employees who exercise before work enjoy a 15% productivity boost. Good nutrition can result in a 25% bump in job performance. In contrast, each year sleep deprived workers lose 11.3 days of productivity and stress costs employers on average $600 per employee.

How To Improve Office Productivity

Improve the productivity at your office through the 5 pillars of employee wellness. By supporting and improving upon the physical, mental, social, environmental and intellectual wellbeing of your workforce you empower your employees to perform at their best and create a culture ready to thrive.

Office Productivity Tips

There are a number of easy ways to improve productivity at your workplace. Lunches enjoyed with colleagues away from workstations, walking meetings, short breaks to refocus and recharge, an emphasis on healthy eating and the positive encouragement of physical activity all contribute to an energized office.

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