Welcome to Sprout’s Channel Partner Program

Tailored for you, to meet the unique needs of your business and clients

What is the Channel Partner Program?

Sprout’s channel partner program gives you the technology, analytics and expertise to make your wellness programs thrive. Designed for Insurers, TPAs, and EAPs, our Partners program allows you to become the expert.


Engage with your customers like never before, with complete control

The Sprout Partner Platform puts you at the helm of your very own custom branded platform. Our powerful administration and analytics tools enable you to easily launch and manage programs throughout your portfolio of customers. Through our open API, you’ll have access to aggregate and program specific trend data to demonstrate results.


The tools and features you need, all in one central location

The Sprout Channel Partner platform provides a fully configurable dashboard offering real-time insights across all customers and gives you the power to:

  • Launch, customize and manage new customer programs
  • Deliver targeted, timely communications and content
  • Execute segmented communications, challenges, and programming
  • Leverage third-party data integration and access centralized reporting and analytics

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Data, Analytics & Results

Member activity and participation data can be easily combined with external data sources to produce powerful insights. By laying in claims, healthcare and other member performance data, you’ll have visibility into trend and predictive analytics to demonstrate program ROI. 


Targeted Communications

Our communication tools provide you with a direct line to all program members across your portfolio. Our smart segmentation filters leverage health risk and other program data to build targeted and effective email and mobile push notifications to drive engagement and results.

Our Partners

Discover how Sprout's channel partner program can work for you and your customers.

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