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It’s no secret that healthy happy employees are productive employees

When we feel well, we perform well. In our world today, one in which employees are disconnected and facing unprecedented challenges, Sprout is here to build a culture of wellness and empower your workforce to succeed. Provide your employees with the tools and resources to be the best version of themselves. You'll build trust, foster a thriving work culture, all while driving your company’s corporate health.

How Sprout Is Improving Lives

52 Last Tets

Type II Diabetes Sprout users reduce their risk of developing type II diabetes by 52%.
27% Increase

Physical Activity Sprout users average 27% more steps daily compared to the average population in North America.
25% Thin Test

Cardiovascular Disease Sprout users reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 25%.

The Sprout Touch

At Sprout, we are with you every step of the way. From implementation to ongoing program delivery, our team of experienced wellness and behavioral change experts will provide you with best practices, communications, and tailored programming to ensure quick adoption and ongoing participation in your wellbeing platform. We provide 12-months of wellness programming, including challenges, supporting communications, library content, and ideas to engage your employees. Enjoy wellness made easy while delivering an exceptional experience your employees will love.

Why We Are #1

Product Features


Challenges & Goals Sprout’s powerful Goal and Challenge tools engage employees with best-in-class health programming. Unite your workforce through company-wide challenges or target specific employee populations. We even recommend personal goals based on your employees’ Wellbeing Survey (HRA) responses.
rewards list

Rewards Sprout’s Reward Program is tailored to your budget and built to recognize the behaviors most important to your organization. Our integrated solution allows employees to unlock in-app redemptions from notable brands based on program participation and achievements. Premium reductions and charitable giving options are available, too!
Social & Gamefied

Social & Gamefied Get social on Sprout with photo-sharing, interest groups, and stream posts. Gain recognition for your program participation and earn rewards, all while being inspired by a little friendly competition. Sprout's motivating community environment means ongoing engagement and lasting behavioural change.

Health Risk Assessment The Sprout Wellbeing Survey is Faster. Smarter. Better. Using biomarkers and activity tracking data to assess a user’s lifestyle risks, Sprout’s digital HRA is more accurate and updates in real time. Ease of use means higher compliance, giving you the meaningful data you are looking for.

Content Library The Library is always open! You are only a click away from informative and leading edge articles, PDFs, and videos. Conveniently categorized by our 3 pillars of wellness - Eat, Move, and Feel - Sprout helps you learn more about the topics that matter most to you. You can even customize your Library with your organization’s content.
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Activity Tracking Earn points and keep your wellbeing goals on target with Sprout’s activity tracking capabilities. Connect your favorite wearable or app and let your activities sync automatically for a seamless experience. You can also track your activities manually on the Sprout platform. Keep track of your wellbeing and build healthy habits that last.
Partner Platform

Your Admin Dashboard

Discover the incredible possibilities of the Sprout Partners Platform, your administrative dashboard that lets you analyze, manage, and create your wellness program.  View insights and reports, create company-wide challenges, send scheduled company-wide communications, develop segments to target specific groups, and so much more!  Your Sprout Partners Platform also gives you access to the Sprout Toolkit, containing Sprout challenge templates, communications, and campaigns that can be utilized by administrators at any time.

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Additional Services We Offer


Sprout Coaching offerings provide the personalized support and information employees are looking for.  Empower your workforce to make long lasting behavioural change and improve health outcomes.  Employees learn to identify needs, set goals, and develop new habits for improved physical and mental wellbeing.  We offer one-on-one appointments, or self-directed on-line learning modules, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your company’s unique needs.


“Know your numbers” through Sprout’s centralized wellness hub.  Sprout’s Biometrics Integration allows employees to book biometric screening appointments and have their resulting data automatically uploaded and available through the Sprout platform.  Biometric data enables employees to understand how their results contribute to their health scores, set meaningful goals, as well as earn rewards for completing screenings at professional clinics.

Employee Assistance Program

Sprout's EAP (Employee Assistance Program) integration connects employees directly and confidentially to your EAP provider through the Sprout platform. Increase employee awareness and utilization of EAP services and benefits by keeping wellness front and center and top of mind.

Human Resource Information System

Sprout’s HRIS (Human Resource Information System) integration automatically manages your eligible population for you.  User intake files are securely transferred at predetermined intervals, empowering you to customize your organization's structure and generate meaningful reports, all while saving you valuable time.

Single Sign-On

Drive engagement by providing your employees with a seamless onboarding and sign-in experience.  Sprout’s SSO (Single Sign-On) integration allows users to securely sign into the Sprout platform and enjoy all of its features using their corporate credentials.  No additional passwords or sign-in friction ensures your employees can quickly start benefiting from their wellness program.

Configurable Options

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White Label Our solution for enterprise clients. Customers have more flexibility when opting for a white label implementation: full branding, content and other customization options are available.
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Branding Our branding package brings your company logo, colors and unique wellness program name to the Sprout web and mobile experience. Content and other customization options are available.
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Technology Access VIA API Build your own user-facing applications with a different user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) than our white label version. Or, add our functionalities and services to existing applications.

Sprout has elevated our wellness initiatives and generated increased participation and programming enjoyment to support our culture and employee health and happiness. We are a city government and are very fiscally responsible and we feel these dollars are very well spent. We reviewed a dozen vendors, and Sprout provided exactly what we were looking for.

MaryPat Harms | City of St. Peters

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