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Risk Score Engine

Sprout’s risk scoring engine was designed to meet the needs of reinsurers, insurers, and program providers alike. Our risk scoring engine consists of two components; Sprout Health, to measure and understand morbidity, and Sprout Life, to better understand and measure mortality rates. Both can be run independently from one another with different deployment options to best meet the needs and requirements of your organization and plan members.

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What Is Sprout Health

Sprout Health is a science-based health risk assessment (HRA), using physical activity and wearable wellness data. Continuous data inputs give you real-time insight into predictive disease risk modeling and wellness scores in order to drive actionable change within your population.  Plan members gain personalized insights to better understand their health status and benchmark realistic goals for new healthy behaviors.

The Sprout Health Score is an integral component of the Sprout Corporate Wellbeing Platform. It can be used as part of a white label version or by accessing the functionalities of the platform.

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Sprout Life

What Is Sprout Life

Sprout Life is a mortality probability risk score that is translated into a table rating for underwriting or a biological age to engage your customer.  By collecting data from wearable devices and smartphones and analyzing the data in seconds, Sprout Life lets you assess an individual’s health and wellness compared to their chronological age.

Our product is validated by reinsurers and actuaries and can be used to augment and/or replace underwriting through the use of wearables.

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Risk Score Data Validation

Our population-based data warehouse set is composed of over one million individual-data records with research-grade wearable device data, clinician confirmed health and illness status, blood biomarkers, and physical examination characteristics.  This data warehouse has been meticulously gathered over many years from different countries around the world, has been stringently reviewed, and is continuously expanding.

Choose How You Access Sprout Health & Life

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Off-the-shelf Ready to go, out of the box. Use Sprout Health as the foundation to drive engagement and cultivate healthy lifestyle choices in your population.
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White-Labeled Our customized wellness solution for enterprise clients. Let Sprout’s cutting edge engagement platform create a powerful user experience for your clients and customers.
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API - Backend Access all risk scores with our API. Leveraging our team of expert developers and support members lets you accelerate your time to market cost effectively.

Discover how Sprout is helping health insurers leverage data insights and engage customers in healthy behaviors.

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