How Sprout Helps You Improve Incentive Management

What gets recognized and rewarded gets repeated. Drive positive behaviours across your organization with Sprout. Employees can set goals, get socially recognized by the platform and by peers for progress, and rewarded for hitting achievements.

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Incentive For Employees

Done well, incentives can motivate employees to help bring out their best. Incentives can take the form of compensation, recognition, rewards, or appreciation. Incentives that combine more than one form and tap both intrinsic and extrinsic values will resonate with a larger segment of your work population.

Why Incentive Plans Fail

Incentive plans can stumble for a number of reasons. If they are not meaningful for your employees or inline with your company’s culture, if they are inconsistently applied, or if they are poorly communicated, your incentives will fail to bring about the desired outcome of motivating your workforce.