How Sprout Promotes Corporate Wellness

We’re experts in setting you up for success! Our team of experienced wellness and behavioral change experts will provide you with support, best practices and program recommendations. With Sprout, there’s something valuable, relevant and exciting for everyone. The result? Organic wellness program engagement and lasting positive health change leading to reduced disability, absenteeism, and workplace accidents.

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What is Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness is a driver for an organization’s culture and health. It comprises the programming and benefits that together work to improve employee wellness, and promotes an engaged, thriving workplace. Corporate wellness meets the needs of both employer and employee by providing means to increase productivity while enhancing both work culture and employee health.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness offers education, support, and accountability for employees to sustain lasting behaviour change. Companies benefit with decreased absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace through a healthier, more energized workforce, plus the added value of employee retention. From the daily wellness needs of employees, to the importance of the corporate bottom line, corporate wellness meets the demands of a dynamic organization.

What are Corporate Wellness Platforms

Corporate Wellness platforms engage employees to help them live their best lives. Combining health surveys with resources, goal setting and challenges, wellness platforms make health and wellness accessible and actionable. Workplace Wellness platforms ensures programing and resources are available 24/7, while gamification and incentives keep employees motivated to participate.

Corporate Wellness Statistics

Sedentary behaviour, lifestyle driven chronic disease and mounting stress cost employers every year in decreased productivity, workdays lost and rising healthcare costs. Currently, less than 20% of adults get the recommended amount of physical activity. Unhealthy employees are unproductive at work for an equivalent of 57.5 days per year. In contrast, healthy employees take 27% fewer sick days, and report 14 - 25% fewer disability days.