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Why Wellness?

A healthy employee is a happy employee – and a productive one. A commitment to wellness has a positive effect on employee satisfaction, and helps with everything from recruitment to retention.

The Sprout Solution

Sprout boosts wellness while providing tools to measure its impact.
We provide leading companies with an online platform where employees set goals, track activities, join events, challenge others, and find groups with similar interests. Sprout makes business healthier, happier, and more productive while boosting your bottom line.

How it works:


Create a corporate Sprout account. Only your employees have access; it’s totally safe and secure.


We help you get employees on board with fun, engaging teaser campaigns, emails and promotional materials customized for your company.


Sprout incorporates any existing wellness programs and helps you start new ones. We’ll make the great things you’re already doing more visible, fun and social.


Once employees join, they create a profile with their activity interests, health goals, and concerns. This helps us customize a program for every individual – a key to lasting behavioural change.


Employees set goals, track activities, join and create events, and participate in quarterly challenges. They find colleagues with similar interests who provide them the support to follow through on their goals.


Our reporting dashboard puts you in the drivers seat. You get real-time visibility into employee participation and engagement, allowing you to manage and quantify results, and make agile changes.