Sprout Open Health API™

A transformative toolkit driving business growth through the power of health and lifestyle data.

Delight More Customers Through The Power of Health Data

Using advanced health features designed to safely and securely capture customer health, lifestyle and behavior data, the Sprout Open Health API empowers your existing website & mobile apps to create personalized customer experiences, drive more consumer engagement and build long-lasting brand loyalty so your business can thrive.


Take personalized healthcare to the next level with access to advanced patient data designed to provide proactive care and improve health outcomes.

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Deepen engagement with policyholders while gaining valuable insights to provide personalized experiences and more accurately predict risk.

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Boost your revenue and reduce customer churn through powerful personalized experiences that delight customers while capturing valuable health, lifestyle and behavior data.

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Complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.



Optimal Performance
High availability to ensure your users have access when they need it.



Maintain complete control of your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Better compliance. Faster performance. More Control

With the Sprout Open Health API, you have the power to add market-tested health and wellness features to your consumer website and mobile app. Provide customers with features that keep them engaged longer to build lasting brand loyalty.

This suite of features has been designed using cognitive behavior science and machine learning to deliver real value to every user. The result? Happier, healthier, and more loyal customers.

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Sprout Open Health API Benefits


Powered by proven data science

A powerful blend of cognitive behavioural science and machine learning to drive long-lasting change in your customer behavior.


Modular to suit your needs

Gain instant access to our reliable and
scalable technologies. Our flexible modules grow with your business to suit all your changing business needs.


Simple to integrate, manage & maintain

Easily integrates with your existing tech stack. No complicated or expensive infrastructures to build and maintain.


A more powerful tech stack

Power your existing website and mobile apps and improve your customer data with scientifically tested and market-validated functionality.


Get more products to market, faster

Beat the competition to market with new offers by giving consumers the products, interfaces and experiences they demand.


Drive more revenue with better insights

Get real-time feedback and customer insights to improve time to market speeds based on data-driven decisions.

Discover how the Sprout Open Health API can enrich your customer data and transform your business.

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The Sprout Open Health API Difference

Eliminate the cost and complexity of building and maintaining continuously evolving technology for a faster time to market, a future-proof technology, and cost-effective deployments, all with 100% control of your customer experience for every feature.

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Data driven decisions

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make better-informed data-driven business decisions driven by Sprout’s modular, scalable and extendable platform architecture.


Delight More Customers

Build unmatchable personalized customer journeys driven by robust health insights pulled and ordered using Spout API’s purpose-built data-management features.


Better Conversion Results

Encourage more consumers to take the next best actions through the power behavioral science research and dynamic machine learning models.


Grow Your Brand Loyalty

Keep customers engaged for longer and stand out from the competition by providing bespoke consumer experiences they can’t get from any other supplier.

Discover how your business can capture health data to drive personalization, engagement, and loyalty.

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