Sprout Open Health API™

Leverage Sprout's Advanced Health Features to Capture New Data and Create Personalized Customer Experiences, Drive Engagement, and Build Loyalty.

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Enrich Your Customer Data

The Sprout Open Health API empowers your website & mobile apps with advanced health features designed to safely and securely capture customer health data to create personalized customer experiences, drive engagement and build lasting brand loyalty. Power your business with RESTful access to our proprietary Sprout Health Engine™; Driven by data science and backed by 25 years of academic research.

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Advanced Features

Built to enhance existing applications and accelerate new projects, Sprout Open Health API technology can power your website and mobile apps and improve your customer data with scientifically tested and market-validated functionality. Benefit from a faster time to market, future-proof technology, and cost-effective deployments, all while maintaining complete control over your user interface (UI) and end-to-end user experience (UX) for your customers.

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100% compliance

HIPPA & GDPR Complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
99.5 percent API uptime

Optimal Performance High availability to ensure your users have access when they need it.
100% control

UI/UX Maintain complete control of your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Sprout Open Health API Benefits

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Know Your Customer

Sprout Open Health API utilizes Sprout’s modular, scalable and extendable platform architecture to tap into valuable user health data to drive business outcomes that matter to your organization. Deepen your customer knowledge for increased consumer personalization, greater engagement and stronger brand loyalty.

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Advanced Personalization

In today’s competitive marketplace, consumers expect personalized offers and experiences to maintain brand loyalty.  Sprout Open Health API enriches your existing transactional and marketing data with powerful user health data, pulled from our purpose-built features

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Drive User Engagement

Deliver personalized customer experiences designed to deepen customer engagement and inspire long-term brand loyalty.  Built on the COM-B behaviour change model, our feature-rich solution educates, connects and inspires for meaningful user engagement.

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Grow Brand Loyalty

Our industry-tested platform is built using cognitive behavioural science, game theory, and behavioural economics. Grow customer loyalty by providing an engaging and personalized user experience that sets your brand apart from the competition

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Discover how the Sprout Open Health API can enrich your customer data and transform your business.

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The Sprout Open Health API Difference

Eliminate the cost and complexity of building and maintaining continuously evolving technology for a faster time to market, a future-proof technology, and cost-effective deployments, all with 100% control of your customer experience for every feature.

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Discover how your business can capture health data to drive personalization, engagement, and loyalty.

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