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The Only Real-Time HRA

The Sprout Real-Time HRA is the global leader and only digital Health Risk Assessment to deliver live, real-time health and risk score updates. Designed to provide personalized user feedback while helping organizations identify and react to population lifestyle habits and health risks, the Sprout Real-Time HRA supports improved health outcomes, risk reduction of chronic conditions and reduced healthcare costs.

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Health Risk Score 3.0

The Sprout Real-Time Health Risk Score 3.0 enhancements have been scientifically designed to more accurately reflect a user’s health status. We now capture more data than ever before from devices, wearables and manual tracking with weighted scoring of the health and lifestyle behaviors that most significantly impact an individual’s overall health.

Our progressive data collection and real-time syncing of biomarkers and wearable, device and activity tracking data, Sprout’s Real-Time HRA provides advanced accuracy compared to traditional digital and in-person health risk assessments.

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Always up-to-date

Sprout Real-Time HRA is the first of its kind to provide science-based health risk assessments (HRA) using wearable, device & manually tracked wellness data. Continuous data inputs give you real-time insight into predictive disease risk modeling and wellness scores in order to drive actionable change within your population.

There is strong evidence that physical activity as measured by steps per day can effectively segment mortality risk even after controlling for age, gender, smoking status, and various health indicators.

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Completion Rates by 5x

The Sprout Real-Time HRA is Faster. Smarter. Better. Our digital solution is statistically superior to traditional risk assessment methods in predicting disease risk. With our continued focus on user experience (UX) for improved ease of use, the Sprout Real-Time HRA boasts a 5x higher completion rate.

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Data Validation

Our industry-leading data warehouse set is composed of millions of individual data records with research-grade wearable device data, clinician confirmed health and illness status, blood biomarkers, and physical examination characteristics.  This data warehouse has been meticulously gathered over many years from different countries around the world, has been stringently reviewed, and is continuously expanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my score calculated?

Your Wellbeing score is calculated using physical activity data (through a wearable device, smartphone, or manual tracking) and other health variables, including BMI (body mass index), sleep, waist size, drinking and smoking behaviors. These variables are then compared to millions of others the same age and biological sex as you, with the end result showing how your health compares to others.


Why does my score change?

Your score is updated every 7 days. Based on the activities you manually track on the Sprout platform and/or the data synced from your wearable device or smartphone you may see a change in your score.  Updating your survey answers may also result in a score change.

What activities influence my score?

Sprout uses physical activity data from any of the supported apps/devices (Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, Polar and Withings), plus physical activity manually tracked on the platform to generate your score.  Additionally, sleep data (synced from an app/device or manually tracked) can also influence your Wellbeing Score.

How can I improve my score?

You can improve your score by setting goals to track new healthy behaviours.  One of the most effective ways of improving your overall health is by increasing the volume and intensity of physical activity.  Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week.

Having an existing chronic condition or a family history of chronic disease may put you at a higher risk for developing chronic disease than others of your same age and gender without these factors. Keep up your healthy habits!

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Actionable Insights

Real-Time Health Score™

Powered by medical-grade data and analytics, we personalize insights for an individual to understand their health status with our integrated Real-Time Health Score™. Users gain a better understanding of their health status compared to others of the same age and gender. The Sprout platform then provides recommended goals to help users take action and begin to make healthier choices.
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Underwriting with

Sprout Life

Sprout Life is a mortality probability risk score that is translated into a table rating for underwriting or a biological age to engage your customer.  By collecting data from wearable devices and smartphones and analyzing the data in seconds, Sprout Life lets you assess an individual’s health and wellness compared to their chronological age.

Our product is validated by reinsurers and actuaries and can be used to augment and/or replace underwriting through the use of wearables.

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