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Empowering organizations to embrace wellbeing and improve health & wellness for every user

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Powered by data science and backed by 25 years of academic research, Sprout empowers organizations to embrace wellbeing and improve health & wellness for every user. Available through our industry-leading workplace wellness platform, Sprout At Work, and accessible using the Sprout Open Health API for global consumer brands, Sprout is changing the future of digital health and wellbeing and bringing health and wellness to the masses.

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Founders Story

Sprout was founded in 2012 by Martha Switzer and Christina Ford with the mission to create a digital platform that made wellbeing more accessible to today’s workforce with clear tools and features. They could see that employee burnout was on the rise, and the physical and mental toll meant employees could not reach their full productive potential. Today, Sprout is a leading global corporate health and wellness platform, powering health and wellness for clients across a wide range of industries around the world.

Every employee deserves to experience a work culture that enables them to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Christina Ford & Martha Switzer | Sprout Founders

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Global Expansion

Leveraging more than a decade of health and wellness industry experience, Sprout recognized the need to extend their wellness solutions beyond the workforce to reach global populations and launched the Sprout Open Health API.  Powered by the proprietary Sprout Health Engine™, the Sprout Open Health API is built to enhance client applications with scientifically tested and market-validated features. The Sprout Open Health API has been thoughtfully designed to capture user health data to create personalized customer experiences, enhanced user engagement and drive lasting brand loyalty.

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Leadership Team

Neeraj Sharma Headshot
Neeraj Sharma CEO
Martha Switzer Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Christina Ford Headshot
Christina Ford Co-Founder
Tom Blake Chairman
Jeff Irwin COO
Hugues Gibeault Headshot
Hugues Gibeault Board Member

Advisory Board

Terry Cummings Headshot
Terry Cummings Advisor
Rahim Moineddin Headshot
Rahim Moineddin, PhD Advisor
Matthew Smuck Headshot
Matthew Smuck, MD Advisor
Lee Vernich Headshot
Lee Vernich Advisor
Bill Bossany Headshot
Bill Bossany Advisor
Marc Mitchell Headshot
Marc Mitchell, PhD Advisor

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