Sprout Open Health
API™ for Retail

Attract and Engage More Customers

Create Better Customer

Grow your business with deeper customer connections through personalized promotions, relevant offers and engaging content to drive true customer engagement.

Sprout Open Health API powers your web and mobile application with our suite of market-tested features designed to delight your customers while capturing valuable customer health, lifestyle and behavior data. Boost your revenue and reduce customer churn through powerful personalized experiences.

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Know Your Customer

Enrich your customer data with valuable health, lifestyle, and behavior data for an enhanced view of every customer.  Sprout empowers your business by enriching your data and expanding your customer personas.  Sprout lets you make better business decisions and deliver better customer experiences for improved business outcomes. 

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Next-level Intelligent

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant recommendations. New data sources equal new customer insights and capturing new first-party health, lifestyle, and behavior means you can keep pace with changing customer needs and anticipate the next-best actions for improved customer lifetime value (CLV).

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Targeted Content Offers

In today’s cluttered online environment you need to provide promotions and offers that truly matter to your customers. Sprout arms your business with the health, lifestyle and behavior data that lets you deliver powerful, personalized sales messaging to keep your customers engaged and converting more often.

Grow Lifetime Customer Value

New customer data drives enhanced personalization, giving retailers the opportunity to increase their share of wallet, promote cross-selling opportunities and improve in-store experiences based on enriched customer personas.


Building Community

Grow your business by building a loyal community and driving a genuine sense of belonging for devoted customers thanks to Sprout's powerful engagement tools.  You’ll build trust, value and brand differentiation through exceptional customer experiences.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate your business with Sprout's scalable, flexible and reliable technologies.  Gain a faster time to market and a product architecture that grows with you.  Our continued function and feature enhancements will empower you to stay ahead of the competition and attract, engage and convert more customers to grow your market share.
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