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Designed For Engagement

The Sprout Open Health API provides access to a robust set of features purposefully designed to create and maintain engagement. Built on the COM-B behaviour change model, our feature-rich solution educates, engages, and inspires users to create meaningful engagement.

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Improved App Engagement

Sprout Open Health API features are designed to promote ongoing engagement with your customers through our Real-Time HRA, goals & challenges, activity tracking, communities, leaderboards and rewards & incentives, driving customer stickiness.

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Better Insights

Our analytics & reporting give you valuable insights into how and when your customer is engaging with your brand.  Learn more about your customer by discovering what they find valuable in order to build long-lasting relationships

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Emotional Connections

Two-thirds of a brand’s profits rely on effective customer engagement. Offering personalized customer experiences enables you to maintain customer contact between purchases, leading to loyal brand advocates.

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