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Designed To Engage

Sprout At Work is the industry-leading workplace wellness platform for improving the health and happiness of every employee while driving measurable business results. Powered by data science, and backed by 25 years of academic research, Sprout At Work is built using cognitive behavioural science, game theory, and behavioural economics to empower lasting behaviour change.

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Powered by science

Dynamic Features

Every Sprout At Work feature is purposefully designed using the COM-B behaviour change model to educate, engage, and inspire your workforce. Our Real-Time HRA™, gamified goals & challenges, integrated rewards & incentives, leaderboards, events calendar, communities and social stream are designed to improve engagement, loyalty, and productivity while showing your employees that you care about their overall health and wellbeing.

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Measurable results to improve the lives of your employees

52% Reduction in risk of diabetes

Type II Diabetes Sprout users reduce their risk of developing type II diabetes by 52%.
27% Increase in steps

Physical Activity Sprout users average 27% more steps daily compared to the average population in North America.
25% Reduction in developing cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular Disease Sprout users reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 25%.

Why Sprout At Work?

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Connect & Engage Employees

Engaged teams have a 41% reduction in absenteeism. Our leading edge technology gamifies the wellness experience, keeping your employees engaged with their personal health goals, each other and your business.

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Increase Productivity

Looking to increase business performance, grow productivity, and energize your employees?  Sprout At Work includes out of the box programming and the platform needed to empower your employees to feel their best at work and at home.

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Retain Your Top Talent

66% of employees are not engaged at work and turnover can cost up to 2x their annual salary. This means that investments in workplace wellness don’t just improve corporate culture but they impact your bottom line. Sprout At Work provides the health and wellness tools your employees are looking for in order to feel, and perform, at their best.

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented or better managed through improved lifestyle choices. That’s why Sprout At Work is designed to make sticking to healthy choices easier and our users benefit from lower health risks across 5 major diseases.

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A global leader in transportation looked to Sprout to achieve substantial cost savings


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Central Wellness Hub

Sprout At Work is the go-to place for all your wellness initiatives, informative content and just-in-time communications.  Our mobile-first technology keeps wellness top of mind for employees and provides you with powerful reporting & analytics anytime from our Partners Portal.

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The Sprout Touch

From implementation to ongoing program delivery, our team of experienced wellness and behavioral change experts will provide you with best practices, communications, and tailored programming to ensure quick adoption and ongoing participation in your wellbeing platform. Enjoy wellness made easy while delivering an exceptional experience your employees will love.

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Advanced Features

Sprout At Work gives you the power to configure your platform experience with additional features and functionality designed to create an enhanced user experience (UX) for every employee while delivering a central wellness hub for all of your health and wellbeing initiatives.

Rewards & Incentives

Transform every employee’s healthy behaviours into ongoing habits.  Sprout At Work Rewards & Incentives are tailored to your needs, your budget and built to recognize the behaviours most important to your organization.  Our integrated rewards solution enables employees to unlock in-app rewards based on their participation in the Sprout program, while eliminating administration work for your busy team.

EAP Integration

The Sprout At Work Employee Assistance Program (EAP) integration connects employees directly and confidentially to your employee assistance program provider through the Sprout At Work platform, giving access to improved employee physical and mental wellbeing.  Increase employee awareness and utilization of EAP services and benefits by keeping wellness front and center and top of mind. 

HRIS & Single Sign-On

Our HRIS Integration automatically manages your eligible population for you.  User intake files are securely transferred at predetermined intervals, empowering you to customize your organization's structure and generate meaningful reports, all while saving you valuable time.

Drive engagement by providing your employees with a seamless onboarding and sign-in experience.  Our SSO Integration allows users to securely sign into the Sprout at Work platform and enjoy all of its features using their corporate credentials.  No additional passwords or sign-in friction ensures your employees can quickly start benefiting from their wellness program.


Gain valuable insights about the health of your company to drive actionable change with Sprout’s integrated Biometric Screening.  Sprout’s in-app integration enables employees to quickly schedule biometric screening appointments and automatically have their results data securely uploaded to the Sprout platform.  Biometric data empowers employees to understand how their data contribute to their health risks, so they can set meaningful goals while earning rewards for completing biometric screening appointments.


Accelerate the impact of your Sprout At Work wellness solution with our exclusive brand package.  Sprout Branding places your company’s logo, colours and custom wellness program name front and center throughout the Sprout mobile and web experience.  Sprout branding increases employee adoption by reinforcing your company's commitment to wellbeing and overall company culture.


Our Sprout At Work Coaching integration provides the personalized support and information employees are looking for.  Empower your workforce to make long lasting behavioural changes and improve health outcomes.  Employees learn to identify needs, set goals, and develop new habits for improved physical and mental wellbeing.  We offer one-on-one appointments, or self-directed on-line learning modules, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your company’s unique needs

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