Sprout Open Health
API™ for Healthcare

Powering Proactive & Personalized Patient Care

Improved Patient Outcomes

Take personalized healthcare to the next level with access to new data designed to provide transparent and efficient healthcare solutions to every patient. The Sprout Open Health API allows you to enhance your medical data sets with health, behavior and lifestyle data.  Gain real-time insight into every patient to drive tailored health solutions. Deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time to improve care for better patient outcomes.


New Data and New Insights

Enhance your patient knowledge by capturing new data sources to layer onto existing medical data. Our solution safely and securely captures health, lifestyle and behavioral data for a truly 360° patient view. Aggregate data helps identify at-risk populations and health trends for improved, proactive care.

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Patient Engagement

Personalized care based on real-time data translates into more precise and meaningful recommendations for improved outcomes and compliance. Support patients where they are today and throughout their wellness journey with more frequent touchpoints, without the cost of additional appointments.

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Sprout Real-Time HRA™

Powered by advanced data and analytics, our Real-Time Health Risk Assessment is the global leader and only digital health risk solution to provide live, real-time health and risk scores. Capture patient data that matters for personalized insights to help individuals understand their health status and unique lifestyle risks.

Personalized Content

Our health and wellness content solution is designed based on cognitive behavioral science and the COM-B model of behavior change to educate, engage and inspire every patient to embrace new, healthy habits. Powered by machine learning, we deliver the right content, to the right person at the right time. Provide every patient with personalized access to informative and engaging videos, articles, and more to support every patient wellness journey.


Built For Scale

Gain instant access to our globally tested, modular, scalable technologies designed to power your business with cost-effective new features and a faster time to market. Our product architecture grows with you, meaning you stay ahead of the competition with our continued function and feature enhancements without the need to drive your own health-based R&D.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate your business with Sprout's scalable, flexible and reliable technologies.  Gain a faster time to market and a product architecture that grows with you.  Our continued function and feature enhancements will empower you to stay ahead of the competition and attract, engage and convert more customers to grow your market share.
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