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Designed With Purpose

Every Sprout feature is designed using cognitive behavioural science, game theory, and behavioural economics. Sprout features are purposefully created using the COM-B behaviour change model to improve user engagement, loyalty, and productivity by educating, engaging and inspiring your population.

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Using the COM-B behaviour change model we created features specifically to educate users, providing the capability to make healthier choices and begin effective behaviour change intervention.

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Real-Time Health Risk Assessment™ (HRA)

Sprout’s Real-TIme HRA is our global leading Health Risk Assessment. Using biomarkers and activity tracking data to more accurately assess a user’s lifestyle risks, Sprout’s digital HRA is more accurate and updates in real-time, giving you the meaningful data you are looking for.

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Content Library

Provide every user with unlimited access to informative and engaging videos, articles, and more to support employees and customers with the content they crave. You can even customize your Library with your organization’s unique content.

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Wearables & Device Integrations

Sprout’s seamless wearable and device integrations enable users to connect their favourite wearable or app to sync automatically through our API feature for a seamless and secure tracking experience.


Using the COM-B behaviour change model we created features specifically to engage users. The features use gamification and an engaging UI/UX to create opportunities for users to get active and understand the impact of their efforts to further inspire behaviour change.

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Activity Tracking

Our customized activity tracker allows for manual user input and is designed to feature the behaviours important to your organization.

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In-app communities allow users to easily connect and share health interests, tips and tricks, plus lend support to drive improved wellbeing.

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Quickly and easily manage company, personal or community events to engage your users with unlimited virtual or in-person events.  Save time while promoting initiatives in a central location to keep events front and center.


Using the COM-B behaviour change model we created features specifically to inspire users. The features further utilize gamification and positive interactions to support the motivation to take action.

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Recommended goals engage and inspire users with actionable tasks across our three pillars of wellness for improved health and wellbeing.

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Designed using cognitive behavioural science, Sprout’s gamified challenges create opportunities for users to reach new personal bests and build lasting healthy habits.

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Social Streams

Enable users to connect through photo-sharing, groups, and stream posts.  Drive engagement on your platform through enhanced connectivity. 

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Rewards & incentives

Our integrated reward solution drives engagement in your program offering.  Built using behavioural economics and designed to recognize the behaviours that matter to your business, our reward features include in-app product and gift card redemptions, vacation days, premium reductions, charitable giving, and more.

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Leaderboards make it easy for users to monitor their progress against others and even spark a little friendly competition.  


Gain valuable insights and analytics into your key metrics combined with our industry-leading white glove service from your dedicated Client Success team

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Reporting & Analytics

Quickly and easily view insights and analytics into your program’s key metrics using the Sprout Partner dashboard.  Easily access reports to measure engagement, challenge outcomes, health scores and more anytime, from anywhere.

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Client Success

Our team of experienced wellness and behavioural change experts will provide you with the support, best practices, and program recommendations to ensure success from implementation and throughout your customer journey.

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Partner Portal

Sprout’s Partners Platform is your company’s administrative hub to create and manage your wellness programs.  Easily plan and execute challenges, send scheduled communications and create segments to target users with relevant communications to drive excitement and engagement in your wellness initiatives.

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