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Our platform keeps employees engaged and gives management the tools to measure results.

Goal Setting & Challenges

From personal goals to company-wide challenges, Sprout’s powerful goal and challenge tools engage employees with best-in-class health programs and initiatives.

Activity Tracking

With Sprout’s 360 degree tracking abilities, employees can easily track everything from physical activity to mental health.  Make the experience seamless by syncing your favourite activity-tracking device with the Sprout platform!

Groups, Events & Social Networking

Sprout gets social with our new streams-focused home page and health centric groups for ultimate workplace social networking. Quickly and easily manage company, personal or community events in the Sprout Event Calendar.

Meet the Sprout Mobile App

“Get Sprouted” on the go with the new mobile app, now available on all iOS and Android devices!

Customizable, Agile & Localized

The Sprout solution is totally scalable and grows when you do. Even better, it’s personal. The website, mobile app, marketing campaign and URL can all be aligned with your corporate brand. If you have a global organization, we also offer Sprout in the language of your choice.

Management & Administration

Sprout allows you to manage all your wellness initiatives and communications. From your dashboard, you can instantly create events and challenges and notify all employees.

Measurement & Reporting

The Sprout Administrative Panel makes reporting your company’s progress easier than ever. Get results on engagement, participation, challenge outcomes and more at the click of a button.