Workplace wellness, made easy.

Driven by machine learning and cognitive behavioural science, Sprout is the health technology wellness platform your employees want, your business needs and your customers will love.

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Empower employees and grow your business

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Improve the health, happiness and loyalty of your employees and customers alike with data-driven solutions designed to enable lasting behavior change.

Engage and inspire your workforce with fun gamified challenges.
Encourage positive lifestyle changes with shareable in-platform rewards.
Build a thriving employee-led company culture and boost retention.
Monetize client health and lifestyle data with bespoke tech.

By helping them thrive in all area of their lives, Sprout combines health data with innovative technology to boost the health and wellbeing of your employees, customers and business. 

Solutions designed for your business

Whether you're an employee-focused workplace wanting to boost culture and productivity, or an enterprise organization looking to engage customers and capture health, lifestyle and behavioral data, there's a Sprout solution to suit your business.

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Sprout At Work™

Sprout At Work™

An easy-to-use full-service employee wellness and engagement platform built to meet the needs of your diverse workforce.

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Sprout Open Health API™

Sprout Open Health API™

A modular, scalable toolkit designed to enhance your current tech stack with industry-leading health and wellness features to engage customers and capture health, lifestyle and behavioral data.


Real-Time Health Risk Assessment

Gamified Goals

Gamified Goals


Rewards & Incentives

Wearable Device Integrations

Wearable Device Integrations




Content Library




Social Streams








Sprout at Work

Perfect for employers wanting to improve workplace engagement, reduce health-related costs and build a thriving culture your employees will love.

Build a company culture where employees can connect and support one another through shared goals and values.
Boost productivity by empowering employees to be the best physical and emotional versions of themselves.
Attract and retain top talent while reducing recruitment and employee churn costs.

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Sprout Open Health API

Ideal for large organizations looking to capture and monetize customer health, lifestyle and behavioral data to boost brand loyalty.

Improve your time to market for new app features through our modular, scalable toolkit.
Boost customer engagement between transactions and learn more about your customers to keep your business top of mind.
Increase consumer loyalty through personalized customer experiences.

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Client Testimonial

Empower your employees

“Sprout helped change my life. The Sprout app gave me the tools I needed to start improving my physical and mental health.”

Michele A.
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Boost productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

Learn more about the rise of corporate wellness and the impact and potential ROI for your business.

0% Sprout users take 27% more steps than North Americans of the same age and gender.
0% Sprout users reduce their risk of developing type II diabetes by 52% compared to North Americans of the same age and gender.
0hours Employee hours saved monthly when employers use Sprout At Work
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