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Sprout makes wellbeing easy, whether you are a medium-sized business or a global enterprise, we have the expertise, tools, and features you need to engage your employees, energize your workforce and connect with one another in a meaningful way.


Support Mental Health

Your employees are the backbone of your business.  Yet, poor mental health affects over 60% of employees and their ability to work successfully.  With increasing stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a critical time to educate employees about mental health resources and provide support to improve health outcomes.

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Social & Gamefied

Connect & Engage Employees

The pandemic has caused unprecedented fragmentation of work cultures and engagement as employees struggle with loneliness, motivation, and an uncertain future. Provide a safe resource for your workforce to connect, share, and encourage one another during these difficult times.

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Drive Performance

Healthy employees drive better business outcomes. Looking to increase business performance, grow productivity, and energize your employees? Let Sprout show you how. 

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Reduce Health Costs

Sedentary behaviour, lifestyle driven chronic disease, and mounting stress cost employers millions of dollars in decreased productivity, workdays lost, and rising healthcare costs. Keep employees healthy and boost the health of your bottom line.

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Future-Proof Your Workforce

Secure your workforce of tomorrow, today. Great businesses are built by the people who work there. Ensuring you attract, and keep, your top talent needs to be top of mind. Sprout’s leading edge technology gamifies the wellness experience, keeping your employees engaged while delivering the benefits your workforce is looking for.

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Why We're Different

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INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS Your time is important. Use Sprout’s insights to focus on at-risk departments and locations and programs that truly work. Measure results with real-time risk factor prediction. Integrate your claims, absenteeism, engagement, and performance data to obtain even deeper insights, action plans, and real-time ROI.
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BEST-IN-CLASS SERVICE We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieve lasting, measurable results. Our team of experienced wellness and behavioral change experts will provide you with the support, best practices, and program recommendations to ensure success. We also offer full member support to ensure an exceptional experience.
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AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT We’ve leveraged the best social media and usability best practices, gamification, rewards, and incentives to build organic program participation. Through targeted, just-in-time communications, user-generated content, and authentic connections, we achieve industry-leading program participation.

Partnering with Sprout has made our Wellness Program so much easier to manage. Sprout offers many creative ideas for activities and monthly challenges, so as a result, our wellness program engagement rates have doubled. Additionally, with the platform’s automation tools, much less of our time is now required to manage the program and therefore frees up our team to focus on the responsibilities of our business.

Jennifer Ham | CHRO, Knowledge Services

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