How Sprout Helps You Improve Employee Engagement

We leverage the best social media and usability best practices, gamification, rewards and incentives to build organic program participation. Through targeted, just-in-time communications, user-generated content and authentic connections we achieve industry leading program participation to keep your employees engaged year round and invested in your company.

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What is Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a reflection of your employees’ investment in your company. Engaged employees enjoy coming to work, are passionate about what they do and are highly invested in doing the best job possible. When employees are engaged they care about your organization and help bolster your company’s profile.

Why is Employee Engagement important

A workforce that is excited about their job and the company they work for creates a thriving culture and gives employers a competitive advantage. Reduced turnover and greater productivity are both tied to employee engagement and help increase profitability and safety.

How Employee Engagement drives growth

Companies with an engaged workforce enjoy stronger customer ratings, increased productivity and more secure profitability. Research also points to a correlation between employee engagement and earnings-per-share (EPS) with top companies enjoying up to a 147% increase in EPS compared to poorly engaged competitors.

Employee Engagement metrics

Just as engaged employees enhance an organization, disengaged workers undermine a company’s productivity and growth potential. Disengaged employees have a 37% increase in absenteeism, 49% more accidents and a 60% increase in errors and quality deficits on the job.