How Sprout Acts as a Wellness Portal

Sprout is the single place for all your company health and wellness needs. We integrate with top activity tracking apps and devices, deliver targeted, just-in-time communications and content, while providing turnkey team, personal and company-wide challenges. Gain valuable insights with our real time, predictive, activity driven Health Risk Assessment. Sprout’s HRA is needles-free, creating an improved user experience and easier compliance.

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What Is A Wellness Portal

A wellness portal brings together your company’s health & wellness programming and content in one centralized, online location. The portal offers users secure and easy access to relevant information and the ability to dynamically engage with all your wellness offerings. For administrators, the portal allows you to connect with your workforce while gaining valuable aggregate data.

Online Wellness Portal

Whenever, wherever - an online wellness portal is available when you are. Using your favourite device for access, enjoy participating in wellness challenges, connecting with colleagues or accessing health resources. The wellness portal also provides employers with a platform from which to share communications and keep everyone in the know with the latest company wellness information.