3 Months.
3 Wellness Kits.
Are You Up for the Challenge?

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Lead the Path to Team-Wide Wellbeing

We’re all thinking about better ways to lead our teams. At Sprout, we’ve found a fun framework for doing just that. To share our insights, we’ve put together a series of free step-by-step wellness toolkits for deeper engagement and a happier, healthier workforce — in just 3 months!

Month One: 20x20

Is your team up to get moving? Getting up and getting active is critical for overall wellbeing. This challenge is simple: move your body 20 minutes a day, for 20 days feel energized and more productive!


Month Two: 10 to Zen

Let’s take a breath together. Chronic stress can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. This challenge encourages employees to take 10 minutes for 10 days to relax and recenter.


Month Three: Nutrition Mission

Wellness starts from within, and we’re ready to make you feel good all around! This challenge prompts employees to enjoy five servings of fruits and veggies daily for a week.


Why a Wellness Kit?

Crafting meaningful programs that positively impact your remote workforce can be challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to make it easy for you and your teams to take part in wellness! Using gamification, personalization and ongoing engagement, our fun, interactive challenges that can be completed from anywhere.

Download The Wellness Kit Summary


What’s Inside a Wellness Toolkit?

We’ve packaged all that you need to get started. Just follow the instructions, pop in the templates, and take on a meaningful wellbeing program from the comfort of home — and don’t worry, the legwork is all on us. Each comprehensive kit includes:


  • Challenge instructions
  • Suggested timeline
  • Communication templates
  • Supporting materials
  • Best practices
  • and more!

Feel Better, Starting Now

Ready to challenge yourself with all three kits for a holistic approach to wellbeing? Your teams better be, too! Download our ready-made wellness kits today!