April 30, 2020

19 Lessons from COVID-19


There’s no sugar-coating it; the world has been rocked by COVID-19. Instead of getting bogged down by the weight of it, let’s use this experience to learn and grow. Here are 19 things we’ve learned so far:

1. Video chats are fun
Who knew the amount of connection you could feel through video? Forget worrying about how your hair looks, or making sure you’re in the exact right lighting - seeing our loved ones in all of their quarantine glory is a fun way to stay grounded, and feel together even when we’re apart.

2. People are creative
Balcony jam sessions, birthday drive-bys, kitchen workouts, endless homemade face mask designs...COVID-19 has shown us just how creative we can be. Let’s strive to stay inspired once this is all over.

3. It’s okay to relax
This may not apply to everyone (we salute you healthcare workers, parents, and anyone else that has been busier than ever through all this), but to those who now have the time, it IS okay to relax. If not now, when?

4. We are social creatures
It’s no secret, humans are pack animals. There may be varying degrees of social tendencies among us, but the basic human needs of love, belonging, and social stability apply to everyone. 

5. We CAN work remotely
Some businesses may have been hesitant to allow their workforce to work from home, but hopefully now their minds are changing. Say hello to a new era of flexible and autonomous work cultures, decreased company overheads, reduced carbon emissions from transit, and increased employees choice.

6. We’ve been taking the little things for granted
Did you ever realize how often you shook someone’s hand or gave a hug? Ever think you would live through a time when you weren’t allowed to relax on a public park bench? How about that quick run to the grocery store to pick up milk - now an arduous endeavour. Small daily luxuries will likely not go unappreciated again. 

7. The ability to adapt is key to growth
Organizations have had to strategically pivot in order to meet this new challenge. Being agile to change is so important to organizational growth and success, and those that have learned to adapt through COVID-19 will likely be better equipped to continue adapting to the ever-changing economy going forward.

8. You can’t spell pandemic without panic
But you CAN spell pandemic without mayhem, irrationality, and incivility. Let’s learn from this pandemic, so that if the next one hits we can all panic a little smarter.

9. Earth needed a break
We all knew she did. That’s not to say we ought to celebrate COVID-19 for causing environmental benefits - ideally we would produce these results without the human suffering along with it. But this pandemic has certainly served as a reminder that humans as a collective have an incredible impact on the environment. If we can reduce global emissions by 5% just by passively staying home and slowing production, who’s to say we can’t surpass that number by actively working towards greener solutions?

10. Healthcare workers risk their health and safety on a regular basis
Healthcare workers were risking exposure to deadly diseases long before COVID-19, and they’ll continue to do so long after. As wonderful as it is to celebrate them during this time, try to remember them in the days, weeks and months to follow.

11. We can consume less
Many people have been forced to be smarter with their purchases, either due to budget restrictions or lack of access to products. Added barriers have caused us to pause much of our mindless consumerism - a healthy habit to carry into the future. 

12. We’re creatures of habit
The disarray of the pandemic caused habitual routines to go out the window. Before COVID-19 you didn’t have to think twice about many of your daily ticks, but now that routines have been shaken up it’s a good time to reassess old habits. Were they healthy? Productive? Did they bring joy?

13. Self-care is important
‘Nuff said. Please take care of yourself.

14. It takes a village
Parents, you are doing great. It may not feel like it sometimes - you may be down on yourself for having a short fuse, giving in to screen time, or serving Cheerios for dinner - but please give yourself a break. It takes a village to raise a child, but when that village is in quarantine all you can do is your best. Need more affirmation? Click here to hear it from Elmo’s dad.

15. It’s hard working so close to the kitchen
Anyone working from home right now knows how alluring the call of the kitchen is. Snacking is at an all-time high, but does it stem from boredom, procrastination, food proximity and availability, or real hunger? Try to assess next time you’re on the hunt. (For more work from home tips check out the resource library!)

16. Health looks different on everyone
Let’s use the pandemic as a reminder that good health is not equal to a pant size, a body shape, an age, or a fitness level. Thank your body for being here for you, and treat it well every day.

17. It’s important to shop local
Many local businesses have been hit hard through the pandemic. Consumers are now more than ever opting to shop at box-stores and online, which is understandable as we don’t have the luxury of meandering through our favorite shops and markets. But have a look for local businesses still operating in your area and see if you can switch some of your shopping to them. These businesses need customers in order to survive, otherwise they risk shutting down, leaving us stuck with box-stores as our only option post-COVID.

18. Toilet paper is a hot commodity
Who knew TP would be one of the first things to fly off the shelves? The stuff was so popular someone even created a TP-calculator (found here)

19. We are all connected
If there’s one thing this virus showed us, it’s the intricate connection we all share. The degree and speed at which the virus has spread from individuals, to communities, to countries is a powerful reminder of our ties to one another. Rather than give in to fear, may we embrace these ties now and post-pandemic by using our connectedness to do good. Remember, we’re all in this together.




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