April 22, 2022

5 Ways an Employee Wellness Program Can Benefit Your Business


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The wellness initiative that you offer your employees can impact every aspect of your business, from its company culture and reputation, to the number of sales. This is because your employees are central to everything that your company does. They are effectively the heart and  face of your brand! 

A great employee wellness program works to provide a range of benefits that employees can take advantage of to improve their physical and mental health. In this article, we’re going to run through what an employee wellness program is and how your business can benefit from implementing this type of initiative. 

What is an Employee Wellness Program? 

An employee wellness program refers to the benefits that a company provides to improve the health and wellness of its workforce. Effective employee wellness programs focus on all aspects of health, including physical, mental, social, emotional, financial, and sometimes spiritual. 

Wellness initiatives can include incentives and rewards to encourage employers to remain engaged in the program. Engaged employees are more likely to experience the benefits of a wellness program, both inside and outside of the workplace.  

Key features to look for in an employee wellness program include: 

  • Mobile-first to connect employees regardless of their location, work hours or time zone
  • Easy to use and engaging platform
  • Holistic approach to health and wellness
  • Relevant and enticing programming and content
  • Dedicated client success support
  • Simple integrations with existing solutions (single-sign-on, employee assistance program (EAP), etc.
  • Reporting and analytics to show measurable results

Implementing an employee wellness program can improve the environment in your workplace and increase the success of your business in a number of ways.  Here are some of the benefits.

Improve Employee Health and Wellness

A valuable employee wellness program is thoughtfully designed to empower individuals to improve their overall health and wellness, regardless of where they are in their wellness journey.   Successful programs provide the tools and resources to help employees become more active and adopt long-term healthy behaviors.

Additionally, the best programs spark engagement between employees.  By creating a connected culture that holds shared values and goals, a wellness program helps improve both individual and corporate health. 

Reduce Absenteeism and Reduce Operational Costs 

When employees are healthier, they are less likely to require long periods of time off work. As a result, absenteeism decreases, and the associated financial losses are reduced. 

Healthy employees are also more likely to work efficiently and more productively. This can boost sales and revenue while also promoting a stronger and more collaborative workforce. 

Increase Employee Retention 

Happy employees are more likely to remain engaged in their work and feel more fulfilled in their roles. This promotes collaboration and enhances the company culture. 

When your company culture is strong, it increases employee loyalty and enables you to retain top talent. It also helps you to build a professional and positive reputation that can attract new talent. 

Attract Top Talent 

By offering an employee wellness program, you can show your employees that you care about their well-being. This is something that many employees are looking out for when searching for employment. 

Currently, less than  one in four US employees feel that their employers care about their health, so your wellness program can emphasize why job-seekers should consider working for your company over your competitors. 

Reduce Risk of Disease 

Healthy habits and behaviors can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. . Your initiative can be used to educate your employees to help them make better decisions with regard to their exercise and nutrition and the tools for sustained change.

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