April 8, 2021

Bridging The Gap Between Field Workers and Administration


If your employee base consists of a mix of office (or working from home) staff and those in the field, you know what we’re talking about. There is often an unspoken rivalry between the different groups, and it may not be evident as to why. Reasons may differ between organizations, but often there is a feeling of “unfairness” between the groups (whether warranted or not). Try the following three strategies to help create a culture of inclusion for all members of your organization.

Create an open dialogue

A lot of resentment can come from being kept in the dark, so create a culture where open communication is encouraged in both directions. Is a decision being made that may affect one group of employees differently than the other? Be transparent about the decision and its reasoning, and be ready to listen to feedback as well. Better yet, invite employees from all groups to participate in the decision making process (when appropriate) - you’ll be exposed to more unique ideas, and employees will have ownership over the end result. 

Ensure that benefits benefit everyone

There are innumerable ways to provide benefits to your employees; the key is to ensure that the benefits offered can be enjoyed by all groups of employees. Hosting a virtual lunch-and-learn at noon? Create a recording of the session, or schedule another session at a time that is accessible to employees in the field or working at off-hours. Promoting proper desk ergonomics? Be sure to also promote proper ergonomics techniques for those in the field. Make it easy for all employees to access information about the benefits being offered through a dedicated wellness hub that allows you to message employees, host recordings and add events to a calendar.

Provide opportunities to mingle

With varying degrees of COVID restrictions, plus the addition of scattered work schedules and locations, it can be hard to get employees together to socialize. However, prolonged segregation can lead to an “us” and “them” mentality, and ultimately more friction between teams. At your next all-company meeting, try taking 10 minutes to split everyone into breakout groups and provide a discussion point, question, or game to play. You could even use this time to have groups answer the question themselves: how do we unite our teams to promote a more positive work culture? Again, you may be surprised at the ideas your employees come up with. Looking for other ideas on how to connect? Click here!

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