January 27, 2021

How to Integrate Remote Workplace Wellness

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As an HR leader or executive, one of the largest challenges of the pandemic has been trying to maintain employee wellbeing in a work-from-home environment. For all of the benefits remote work has brought, it has also made it that much more difficult to promote health and wellness activities from both an individual perspective and a company perspective. Considering not many organizations have a choice when it comes to working remotely, adjusting your wellness programs to accommodate it is extremely important. That’s because a well-executed workforce wellness program can promote productivity, talent acquisition, and retention. But how do you adjust your employee wellness initiatives to match work-from-home demands? The solution might be a digital one.  

Why Switch to a Digital Wellness Program?

An online workplace wellness program can help you support and empower your employees and their mental health from any environment. The best part about integrating an app-based wellness program is that employees can connect with the content and each other’s progress from anywhere in the world. For companies with multiple branches, foreign markets, or work-from-home staff members, here are a few of the reasons why an online wellness program is a necessity in a work-from-home business environment.

Accommodates Flexible Schedules

According to a 2019 Buffer study, 99% of respondents voted yes to incorporating some amount of remote work over the course of their careers. The fact that this study took place before the coronavirus outbreak makes the data all the more interesting. It suggests that while people may be getting sick of remote work now, it may be due to social distancing circumstances as opposed to the environment itself. That likely means that remote work environments are here to stay. And if that is the case, employers are going to want a wellness program that accommodates a hybrid workforce that is both on-site and at-home.

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Having your own workspace can be a source of empowerment for individuals when executed correctly. In addition to the above statistic, the Buffer study also found that a flexible schedule was the most desired remote work benefit amongst participants at 40%.  Taking the obstacles presented by COVID-19 into consideration, having a wellness program that is as flexible as its employees is essential. Parents who have younger children have to now play the role of both parent and employee throughout the day. Introducing a digital wellness app may give them the flexibility they need to prioritize their wellbeing amidst their work-home schedule.

Empower Employees to Upgrade Their Homes into Offices

Especially in current circumstances, it is important to empower your employees by making them feel valued and supported. An excellent way to do that is through employee benefits. One such benefit could be a supportive wellness app that keeps you active and rewards you for completing your activity goals. 

But these apps don’t just improve your fitness or wellness; they can also help improve your staff's attitude towards your business. If employees feel supported by their place of work, they are more likely to stay, recommend the company, and become more invested. All of these contribute to HR's number one goal of supporting your business.

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Promotes Group Interaction

The greatest obstacle facing remote work is the lack of human interaction. Business.com recently reported that 19% of employees in remote work environments struggle with loneliness. This also coincided with 17% of respondents struggling to communicate and collaborate with other staff members. Integrating a social wellness app where employees can share their goal progression is an effective way to overcome some of these challenges. Investing in your employees' mood could positively impact your ROI. A now-famous Harvard Business study drew a connection between an employee's morning mood and their quality of work. Those with a better mood tended to perform higher quality work. Targeting employee loneliness through group activities, like an online wellness program, is an easy way to boost mood, and subsequently, productivity.

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