April 30, 2021

The Measurable Value of Personalized, Corporate Wellness Initiatives

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For any organization, large or small, the ROI of workplace wellness initiatives depends on the quality of participation and engagement.  Without optimal engagement, all of the benefits and advantages of a workplace wellness program will suffer, including cost savings and employee retention. Fortunately, this may not be as difficult a challenge to overcome as one might assume. One of the most effective ways to increase workplace wellness engagement is to increase the personalization of your wellness initiatives and programs.

Using Personalization as an Engine for Engagement

Every employee has different motivations and desires when it comes to their general health and well-being. By engaging these unique interests, organizations can maximize the engagement of their workplace wellness programs.  After all, someone who is a parent of three may have different wellness goals than someone who is a young, single professional. This highlights one of the greatest benefits of personalized wellness: improved accessibility.  Work-from-home environments, in general, provide businesses with a lot of opportunities to engage their employees with personalized goals that fit their home life, neighbourhood, and physical ability.

An article in the AMA Journal of Ethics highlights how personalized health goals can overcome biases that would otherwise discourage individuals from participating in workplace wellness programs. A more consistent effort to personalize workplace wellness can, therefore, increase the accessibility of one’s programs in order to drive engagement. To do this successfully and effectively, HR managers need a digital solution. In-house examples of this type of infrastructure or software are expensive to build,  slow-to-launch and resource-intensive. Thankfully, Sprout solves these challenges.

Personalizing Your Workplace Wellness with Sprout At Work

The emergence of workplace wellness applications has allowed employers to offer its members a more personalized wellness hub that is remotely accessible.  Based on the COM-B model, the Sprout At Work app is built on a feature-rich foundation designed to educate, engage and motivate employees through a personalized experience.  Sprout’s Real-Time HRA provides users with a dynamic health score that updates over time to reflect the impact of new healthy behaviours.  Recommended goals, leaderboards and interest groups allow each user to personalize their wellness journey, driving greater engagement and commitment to reaching wellness objectives.  

A workforce that is more committed to their company’s wellness program enables happier and healthier employees and a thriving work culture.  For more information on how Sprout is able leverage personalized workplace wellness to optimize organizational goals, schedule a discovery call today.

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