January 18, 2022

What to Look For In a Wellness Program? Your 3-Step Checklist.

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It could be recommended by Human Resources.  Or maybe it’s a response to repeated employee requests.  Perhaps it’s a directive that has come down from the C-Suite.  Regardless of where the idea originated, it is more often than not that HR is tapped to source and deliver the new Employee Wellness Program.  

Here is your easy-to-use 3-step checklist for busy HR leaders.  Discover what to look for when evaluating a new wellness program that will engage your employees without burning out your team.


How will you be delivering your programming?  How can employees participate?  Finding the right technology that enables you to easily host your wellness initiatives and ensure access by all your employees, regardless of their location or working schedules needs to be a primary consideration.  

Technology, however, can do much more than that, and any platform you consider needs to be developed using engagement best practices to drive participation and enable behavior change.  Simply put, if the technology isn’t inviting to use, your employees won’t be interested in participating in your program.  

Additionally, look for a platform that:

  1. Allows for both company-wide and self-directed participation.
  2. Connects employees to one another to foster internal connections
  3. Can integrate with your existing tech (for example, single-sign-on) or benefit offerings (Employee Assistance Program)


Providing personalized experiences at scale is every HR leader’s aspiration.  It’s no secret that programming that is both relevant and timely garners more engagement and is more successful in driving new healthy behaviors.  Look for a solution that offers programming every month, prioritizes a holistic approach to wellness and allows for flexibility to ensure the program offered is the right fit for your organization.

The greatest program will fail if your employees don’t know about it!  Your wellness program provider should act as an integrated partner to your busy team - developing, scheduling and sending communications, creating supporting content and strategizing ideas to engage your employees. 

Programming Checklist:

  • Challenges
  • Recommended Goals
  • Content Library
  • Stream Posts
  • Emails and Notifications
  • Reward Strategies


Who can your employees turn to when they have questions? Whether it is troubleshooting how to sync a wearable device to your wellness platform, understanding reward redemptions or learning how to create a user-based team challenge, you employees deserve prompt, professional and actionable help.  Ensure your new wellness provider is equipped to provide the necessary technical and programming support needed, when required.

What’s more, it is essential that you have a team that supports you, too!  With Sprout At Work, our team of experienced wellness and behavioral change experts will provide you with best practices, communications, and tailored programming to ensure quick adoption and ongoing participation in your wellbeing platform. From implementation to ongoing delivery, your Client Success Team is with you every step of the way.

Ready to invest in wellbeing to see happier and more productive employees?  Book your discovery call today to see how we can move the wellness needle in your organization.

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