August 14, 2019

Why The Best HR Managers Love Employee Wellness Platforms

Why HR Managers Love...

Workplace wellness programs are a no-brainer. They support employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction and retention — not to mention a culture of health and safety. But for the HR managers who run these programs, it means juggling a number of different responsibilities, often on their own. That’s where digital solutions can help take the load off.

Human Resources managers who use digital employee wellness platforms are able to deliver the high-impact results of a dedicated team. There are a number of different features that make employee wellness platforms like Sprout an excellent choice for organizations that want to streamline their HR processes and programs.

Extra HR hands make light work
HR teams often lack the staffing resources to create and maintain traditional wellness programs. But with many digital employee wellness platforms, HR managers gain access to a full team of experts who are there to provide end-to-end support for health and wellness programs. With employee wellness platforms, HR professionals can tap into ongoing support from behavior change specialists, who can help create a smooth implementation process tailored to fit the culture and needs of the organization.

Turnkey solution for corporate health and wellness
Traditional employee wellness programs can be daunting. They typically require a full suite of programs, including spreadsheets, corporate communications, eblasts, surveys, and — perhaps toughest of all — the manual collection of Health Research Assessment data. HR managers love digital wellness platforms because they offer a comprehensive, turnkey solution that’s set up and ready for use. Not only can these platforms be customized to suit the goals of an organization, but they can be white-labeled to align with corporate branding.

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Spot and solve problems easily with data collection
With manual data collection, it can take months to notice that something isn’t working the way that it should. Online wellness platforms collect and analyze data automatically, enabling HR managers to quickly zone in on at-risk departments and safety concerns, as well as identifying and expanding the programs that are delivering the best results.

Wellness platforms can also integrate claims, absenteeism, engagement and performance data, giving HR managers a full picture of their workplace culture. With Sprout, HR managers can use this data to obtain deeper insights, create action plans, and generate real-time ROI to share back with the C-Suite.

Integrate and optimize existing HR programs
Online wellness platforms often integrate with existing HR programs, helping organizations make the most of programs that already have proven results. For example, Sprout’s team of change experts works with HR managers to integrate their employee assistance programs, then leverages data and automation to optimize the program for even better outcomes.

HR managers are the experts on what works best for their employees and have often developed programs that deliver. Online platforms help float all boats by integrating existing programs and offering additional resources and optimization.

Authentic employee engagement
The best HR managers don’t give their employees something they have to do. They give them something they wantto do. Moving from a traditional to a digital wellness program makes a big difference when it comes to employee engagement.

Through gamification, rewards and incentives and activity tracker integration, online platforms can build organic program participation and a healthy workplace culture. A strong health and wellness program can make an organization more desirable for attracting and retaining top talent.

HR managers need the best resources at their fingertips to create a winning workplace culture. With the opportunity to collect and analyze data, optimize existing programs, and provide a convenient platform for managers to engage their employees, Sprout offers all of the benefits of an online wellness platform, as well as a proven track record. Learn more about the results you can expect from Sprout at


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