May 30, 2022

Why Your Employees Need to Be Socially Connected


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How important are your employees' relationships with one another, including with managers?  It turns out that they are essential.  When employees don’t feel comfortable connecting with their co-workers or leaders, both team morale and collaboration decrease, negatively affecting work performance, productivity and efficiency.   What’s more, when employees feel lonely or disconnected at work they are at higher risk of leaving, and company culture suffers. 

Strong and positive relationships are an important part of any workplace.  Here are some of the main benefits of building a socially connected team of employees.  

Better Work Culture and Less Stress 

A workplace that promotes social connectivity and a sense of community has a better company culture.  This is important because when employees are aligned with one another they know that they can raise any concerns and get feedback from their colleagues and managers in a safe and respectful manner, thereby helping to mitigate unnecessary stress and anxiety.  

Furthermore, when employees have a strong connection, they can hold each other accountable and keep one another motivated during busy or stressful times in the workplace, making social connection a key driver in work performance.  

Improved Employee Retention and More Attractive to Potential Hires 

Another benefit of social connectivity in the workplace is employee retention.  Employees who like their peers and enjoy working with them generally also enjoy their place of work and feel loyal to their organization.  When staff members view their workplace as not only a place to earn a pay cheque but also a place with shared values, it can also improve productivity, teamwork, and company morale. 

A company that is known for having a great culture and a team of hard-working, collaborative staff will attract top talent. Employers will find it easier to recruit employees that align with the company values and fit into a socially connected, inclusive environment.

Improved Morale and Employee Health 

Not only are employees who have built strong connections generally happier at work, they are also potentially healthier.  Friendships come with a host of health benefits, including reduced stress and a higher sense of overall wellbeing.   

When a company culture promotes social connections, both existing and new employees are more likely to get to know each other better, fostering improved appreciation and understanding.  How can an organization do this?  By creating opportunities for employees to participate in activities outside of daily work deliverables, employees can learn to know one another as individuals. 

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