July 30, 2021

Why Your Wellness Program is an Important Recruitment Tool


There’s a lot of competition out there for attracting the best talent. It’s not enough to just offer top wages — these days, money alone is just one aspect. Today’s employees look at company culture, the work environment, benefits, and quality of life when considering a new position. They look for signs that your company is an enjoyable, engaging place to work. 

In this struggle to attract the best talent, a well-structured wellness program is an important recruitment tool. It’s not enough to tack on a wellness program, put a brochure in the lunchroom, and call it done. To be effective, it needs to be a sincere effort. 

Having wellness baked into the corporate culture shows that you care about your employees and their health. The result? A more engaged workforce and an increase in productivity. These productive, engaged employees also tend to stick around longer, improving your retention rates. 

But what does this have to do with recruitment, you ask?

It’s simple: people talk. Employees will tell friends how much they enjoy working for your company. Word will spread about your company culture and how it’s a good place to be. Having a wellness program can be the difference between a candidate accepting a position or not; 87% of employees consider wellness programs when choosing where to work. More than half of millennial and Gen Z employees consider a wellness program extremely important when choosing an employer. 

The data shows that job seekers value wellness programs. The question then becomes how to turn your wellness initiatives into a recruitment tool. As we’ve seen, word of mouth from your staff will help. It’s a good start, but there’s more you can do. 

Make Wellness Part of Your Brand

Think about the employee experience. What do you want your company to be known for? The answer to this question will help you shape your employment brand.  In other words, the way prospective employees perceive your company. When evaluating your company, a candidate is mainly concerned with what they will get out of working with your company. They’re looking for reasons to work with you while also keeping an eye out for potential red flags. 

Work-Life Balance

Consider both mental and physical wellbeing when designing and implementing wellness programs to create a supportive work environment. For parents, stress can come from asking for time off when a child is sick or needs care. By offering a flexible schedule that allows people to tend to unexpected events — like a sick child who needs to be picked up from school — you demonstrate that your wellness initiatives are sincere.

Promote Wellness

Some companies build wellness program initiatives into a benefits package, which typically kicks in after a few months of employment. To improve your recruitment efforts, put your wellness program upfront. Make it available to every employee from day one. This will give you an edge over companies that hold back. 

It also does something more powerful. It signals to prospective employees that you value employee wellbeing while communicating that you value their time and efforts. 

Wellness programs show the company cares about its employees. Being a company that actively demonstrates the value it holds for its staff will help with your recruitment efforts. 

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