July 10, 2019

Can a wellness program future-proof your workforce?

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Today’s workplace looks drastically different than it did ten years ago. Gone are the days of clocking in at 9 am and sitting in a cubicle for eight hours. As younger generations begin to make up a larger proportion of the workforce, it is critical that employers keep their minds open to new ways of working. Employers today need to demonstrate their commitment to more than just the bottom line. To keep employees engaged today, employers need to find creative ways of fostering a culture of wellness in the workplace.

The next generation is looking beyond the cubicle
Young people entering the workforce today are looking for more than just a cubicle where they can spend Monday to Friday. In order to acquire and retain talented and engaged employees, employers need to create a culture that allows employees to achieve work life balance, and prioritizes healthy lifestyles both during and after working hours. Wellness platforms can help organizations develop work life balance strategies that will resonate with the next generation of talent.

Invest in the long-term with a workplace wellness program
Modern wellness platforms like Sprout enable employers to boldly demonstrate their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, using a combination of health surveys, resources and incentives including individual goal
setting and team challenges. By giving employees the opportunity to connect over their own wellness and activity goals and accomplishments, a wellness program provides an integrated approach to building a healthy, sustainable workforce. A healthy workforce benefits an organization through increased
productivity and engagement, and decreased sick days. Prioritizing health is a smart way for organizations to invest in their own productivity in the long run.

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It’s time to move from analog to digital
The workforce of tomorrow doesn’t just want employers to care about their health; they want to have access to health and wellness resources that can be integrated into their day-to-day lives. For employers, this means finding ways to engage young people who are always on the go and digitally connected. The demand for digital wellness platforms is about more than just convenience; it’s about creating a personalized experience that will provide employees with valuable and relevant programming for their lives. The Sprout platform offers mobile and web apps that are accessible from anywhere. It can be integrated with existing technologies such as Fitbit and Apple Health. By taking workplace wellness online, employers can demonstrate a flexible approach to health that will work for anyone.

Most importantly, stay flexible
Over the past few decades, the working environment has changed dramatically, and the only thing we can be certain of is that it will continue to change in the future. Employees today are asking their employers to make changes that allow them to thrive in their workplaces. It’s impossible to predict all of the changes you will need to make over the next few years to retain the kind of employees you desire. More than anything, employers today need to stay flexible and open to feedback. By listening to their employees and allowing themselves to adapt to the changing needs of the future workforce, employers can ensure that they will maintain a culture of engagement that will serve their employees, and their own productivity, regardless of what the future may hold.


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