June 18, 2021

Do You Know Your Customer? How to Deliver Better Personalization.

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What if you could create personalized experiences for your consumers, giving you an edge over competitors by engaging users all over the world in meaningful ways?

The importance of creating personalized experiences cannot be understated.  According to a McKinsey study, personalization yields real, quantifiable returns - personalization boosts sales-conversion rates by 10% to 15%, while lowering marketing and sales costs by 10% to 20%.  The same study also found that customer engagement and satisfaction rates are elevated, too.  Customer satisfaction rates are boosted by 20%, while engagement increases by 20% to 30%.

Organizations that use health data to enhance customer experiences are poised to make similar gains. By adding health and lifestyle data to their current marketing and transactional data, retail, loyalty, insurance and finance organizations can provide customers with tailored content and experiences that empower them to live healthier lives. 77% of consumers want to do more to stay healthy in the future; by tapping into these health concerns, businesses will not only be able to know their customers better, but they’re able to grow brand loyalty and drive engagement. 

Getting Noticed and Growing Brand Loyalty

Personalization gets your brand noticed. In the age of digital commerce, your customers have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing between brands and organizations. With digital commerce comes competition from all over the globe, and without personalization, your business can get lost in the shuffle. Personalization is so powerful that 91% of consumers say that they are more likely to shop with a brand that can make recommendations that are relevant to them. By using health data, you’re able to create personalized experiences that target your consumer’s health and wellness goals, making your business stand out from the crowd. 

Once your customers realize that you can deliver real value, it’s time to make sure that they stick with you. Returning customers spend 67% more than new customers, but they’ll only return if you deliver an experience that can keep up with their changing needs. Consumers expect content, offers, and recommendations that are both timely and relevant. By ensuring that the customer health data you collect is up-to-date, you can make smart, data-driven services that will have a positive impact on your customer’s experience.

Drive Engagement

Offering tailored customer experiences is one thing, but ensuring high levels of active, ongoing user engagement is a different challenge altogether. Incorporating elements like real-time health risk assessments is one way to drive user engagement; not only does it give your company the real-time health data you need, but it allows you to continually create tailored wellness goals that are relevant to your customers. 

Sprout Open Health API™ Helps Businesses Bring Wellness Around the Globe

Sprout Open Health API is a solution that gives businesses the ability to provide customers highly personalized experiences that get them noticed, grow brand loyalty, and drive engagement. Our solution allows you to either enhance your existing applications with customer health data or accelerate a new project. Our market-tested health and wellness features allow businesses to capture meaningful, real-time data that allows you to adjust your customer experiences in tandem with changing needs and trends.  To learn more about how Sprout can leverage health and lifestyle data to drive your business forward, contact us today.

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