September 7, 2021

Looking To Improve Customer Loyalty? Here's the Answer for Retailers.

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Integrating health data into your retail app empowers your business to differentiate itself from the competition. By safely and securely capturing health and lifestyle data, organizations can create tailored experiences that use gamification and cognitive behaviour science to increase customer engagement. 

The Sprout Open Health API™ was built to either enhance an existing application or accelerate a new project.  Sprout’s technology powers applications with scientifically tested and market-validated features while providing businesses with complete control over the user interface (UI) and end-to-end user experience (UX) for their customers.

If you are looking to improve your customer loyalty program, here are three ways health data can transform your users’ experiences.  

Goal-Based Rewards

Reward programs have been around for years, and continue to be offered for one simple reason: they work.  As individuals, we seek positive reinforcement; do not like to lose what we have already gained and love the idea of earning rewards for something we are already doing or (would like to do).  

For example, a sporting goods retailer using the Sprout Open Health API has the ability to offer their customers goal-based rewards based on their activity data.  Engage with your customers beyond transactions or generic offers.  Instead, provide an opportunity for them to participate in something fun and meaningful.  

You could begin by announcing the goal: walk 1 million steps and earn 25% off a footwear purchase before a certain date. With the goal announced, you now start teasing the person toward their goal with encouragement every 10,000 steps by offering micro rewards in the form of digital trophies or badges. If they miss a day, encourage them to keep going so they don’t miss out on their big reward. Once they’ve reached the goal, you can give them a congratulatory message and put the discount into their customer profile. It might read “Congrats, you just hit your 1,000,000 step goal! To celebrate, enjoy 25% off any footwear purchase before December 31, 2021.”

Relevant Content

Today, we are overloaded with content offerings.  To cut through the clutter, retailers need to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  

Marketers need data sources to build their customer profiles; consumers are demanding personalization.  In fact, many consumers are willing to share their data in order to receive more relevant content and offers.  Health, lifestyle and behaviour data not only provides a more intimate understanding of your consumer, it can update in real time, ensuring your messaging changes with your customers.

Returning to our example of a sporting goods retailer, content offerings can be as simple as dividing customers based on step data.  Those with low step counts could receive information about easy ways to  sneak more activity into their day.  Elite athletes could be sent information on training to avoid injury.  By providing relevant and valuable information, your brand shows an investment in your customers, one that they will remember when it comes time to make a purchase.

Activity-Based Points System

Points systems are used by many companies, with airline reward points being among some of the best known. Typically, consumers earn points for each dollar spent, which they can redeem for products or services. 

Sprout Open Health API expands the ways that your customers can earn points. The footwear store mentioned earlier could offer points for every 1,000 steps walked, for instance.  A grocery retailer could offer points based on reaching wellbeing goals.  A drugstore chain could offer points for consuming content.  API integrations allow you to learn about what your customer does when they are not engaging with your brand, and in turn allows you to create ways to connect with them for meaningful and rewarding experiences.

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