March 22, 2021

Your Steps To Educating Your Employees About Holistic Wellness


Education is one of the most powerful tools that human beings have to incite change, build relationships, and grow as individuals and it is through education that organizations can introduce new ideas to help support employee growth and wellbeing.  Through holistic wellness education, human resources managers can empower employees to maximize their quality of life through health-promoting activities beyond just physical exercise.

What is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic wellness looks at the wellbeing of an individual from all aspects of their life, not just their physical condition. After all, the health of an individual encompasses more than just how many steps we take each day.  Holistic health embraces our emotional, spiritual, social, nutritional, environmental and even financial health.  It is an approach to healthy living that looks at the whole person and recognizes that our actions in one area impact other aspects of our wellbeing.  

The global pandemic has brought even greater focus on the  importance of overall wellbeing.  For instance, 19% of employees in remote work settings have expressed that they deal with loneliness derived from their work environment.  Additionally, according to a recent Gallup poll , ”fully remote workers are now experiencing more burnout than on-site workers''.  By investing in comprehensive, digital workplace wellness, organizations can improve the wellbeing and productivity of their employees, especially in remote work environments.

What to Look For in an Employee Wellness Platform

To meet the diverse needs of employees in our changing workplaces, HR leaders need to look for holistic wellness solutions.  This approach means that individuals are able to select the areas of wellness most relevant to them to focus on, and also allows for individuals to personalize how they participate.  Does your digital wellness solution provide recommended goals based on an individual's health history and preferences?  Can users create community groups to connect with others who share similar interests?  Does your wellness offering provide relevant and informative content across a wide range of health topics?  

How Sprout Can Facilitate Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Goals

At Sprout, our goal is to facilitate workplace wellness through comprehensive activities and resources that promote healthy living.  Multiple touch points are built into the platform application, including community groups, an events calendar, configurable resource section, curated library and social stream, all designed to easily share valuable wellness content and to promote peer-to-peer connections.  Monthly programming, encompassing individual and team-based challenges are designed to help employees reach actionable goals to promote new healthy behaviours for long-lasting wellness.

Sprout’s Partners Platform is your HR team’s administrative dashboard.  Quickly and easily view and analyze your wellness program’s key metrics, including engagement, challenge outcomes, health scores and more.  Although the Sprout program provides twelve months of programming, your team can use the Partners Platform to create company-wide challenges, send scheduled company-wide communications and develop segments to target specific groups to ensure your employees are receiving the educational content and communications they need, when they are needed.

To learn more about how Sprout’s features can support your employees and your organization, request a demo today.

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