4 minute read
| March 21, 2022

How Important is Employee Mental Health? And What You Can Do to Help.

Today, every employer knows how important employee mental health is. Poor mental health, including stress, anxiety and burnout, impacts the quality of daily life for millions... Read More
4 minute read
| July 19, 2021

3 Strategies to Help Prevent WFH Burnout

When do we stop working if our home and work blend into one? Read More
3 minute read
| January 20, 2021

Learn how Sprout is Beating the Winter Blues

The third Monday of January marked Blue Monday, considered to be the most depressing day of the year when seasonal affective disorder and winter blues hit their peak. This is... Read More
4 minute read
| January 18, 2021

Pandemic Fatigue:  Are you feeling drained?

The countdown to 2021 is on, and for many of us 2020 can’t wrap up fast enough. Next year promises to be, if not a return to our former life, then at least a closer proximity... Read More
4 minute read
| October 1, 2020

School’s In Session - And So Is The Stress!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you are a certain age you may remember a television campaign featuring joyful parents riding through the aisles on shopping carts... Read More
5 minute read
| October 2, 2019

3 Ways to Weave Mental Health Into Your Wellness Program

The stigma around mental health in the workplace is fading, and for a good reason. Just as we all share varying degrees of physical wellbeing, so too do we share changes in... Read More
7 minute read
| April 9, 2019

Addressing Employee Burnout in Healthcare

In our increasingly fast-paced world, employee burnout is serious concern for healthcare organizations. Not only is it a key barrier to employee retention, it can also have a... Read More

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